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Of Keywords and Claim Expansions

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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Hey folks, welcome to another edition of MMORPG.com’s Landmark column. Most of this week’s content actually occurred in last week’s November 14 update, so for those playing Landmark religiously, you’ll likely know what I’ll be talking about.

For those who haven’t been playing, or are interested in learning more about Landmark’s last update, keep on reading, because there are some nice new improvements to note.

The Keyword System

Perhaps the most important addition to Landmark in the recent update is a keyword system for weapons, armor, and accessories. What this means is that items have particular properties associated with certain keywords, and by using a mix of weapon, armor, and accessory types with different keywords, you can forge your own playstyle in the game’s fighting mode.

Let’s take for example the Mercenary’s Staff weapon, which has a water keyword now. Using the staff weapon in your battle inventory with gear that augments water damage (Frost Coat) or enhances magical skills (Sigil of Piercing Cold)  will make you a more gifted magical-styled fighter.

Consequently, you can also purposefully use things like the Cloak of Quickness - which decreases cooldowns by 30% but lowers offense by 15%  to change up your playstyle and make you a rapid-firing water mage that slows people down a lot.

The repertoire of freely craftable (currently requiring no materials to make) battle items is small, but should add some variety if you ever decide to do PVP.

Claims, Flight and Holiday Props

Also of note in this update is the addition of more expansion claims to a user’s available space. With the upgrade, you can now have up to 8 expansion claims for your benefit.

Claim owners will also be happy to note that flight is now available in their respective claims, as well as in claims they have permissions in. You just need to build a “Builder’s Bauble of Flight” in the workshop and activate the item in your claim to get aerial.

One other nice addition to Landmark is the inclusion of Holiday-themed props bearing the red and green of Christmasy Norrathian weirdness. Aside from the candy canes and gifts, there are also seasonal candles and other props to make your Landmark homes more festive.

The props in this update also include under construction signs, for those who want to denote that they aren’t finished building their claim to its best look.

In any case, look forward to more Landmark goodness in the coming weeks. Thanks again to BuzWeaver for the shoutout on Twitter, and happy building (and spell-slinging in PVP) to all!



Victor Barreiro Jr.

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