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As mentioned in my last article, Wizard101's most recent update deals with numerous player concerns and suggestions. Everyone loves a good storyline update, but it's important not to overlook the small details that improve an ever aging game. Simply put, quality of life updates make the game "healthier" for years to come.

Think about it. We've all had our "I wish"s and "it would be cool if"s. Those little things that would make your gaming experience just a tad easier and unique. In fact, I've had so many that when it came time to make this post; I blanked on a lot of them. Luckily, I was able to recall 4 quality of life updates that I feel would make Wizard101 just a little bit better in the long run.

1. Pet Card Icons

Anyone who knows me well knows that I've wanted this for YEARS. In Wizard101, pet cards and item cards are completely identical. Same size, same color, same everything! This wouldn't be a problem ... if the two different card sources didn't stack. However, since duelists are able to combine pet cards and item cards for a massive hit, not knowing which is which can potentially cause some team communication issues. If you and your teammates don't know which card came from where, you might be casting duplicate buffs and wasting turns. Sometimes a spell's item and pet counterparts will have slight differences, but even those can lend themselves to confusion. For example, a pet balanceblade gives a +25% boost, but an item balanceblade gives a +30% boost. Yet, if you look at them too fast ... you could easily confuse the two.

To fix this problem, I propose adding a small icon to pet cards. Maybe a piggle? It doesn't really matter what, just something to differentiate the two card sources. Since Wizard101 already has something similar in place with TCs and their respective packs, I just figured this might be the simplest solution.

2. Stylin'

A very popular Wizard101 request (especially on the latest Feedback Friday) is to add a location where players can change up their look. Wizard101 is 8 years old, so I can't say that I'm surprised by this. Players make a character decision years and years ago and then regret it now. Although anyone can make another character to craft a new look, they would also be losing all of their progress. Having a salon type area where people could change their face, skin color, or permanent hairstyle could make a lot of players very happy. If KingsIsle wanted to take this idea a step further, they could even add brand new personalization options exclusive to the salon.

3. Controllable Henchmen

When you're having trouble during a battle, you have the option of paying crowns for a henchman of your choice. Beyond that choice though, you have no control. Henchmen often heal the wrong person, attack the wrong enemy, trigger cheats, or just cast useless spells. Like in Pirate101, I'd love to see Wizard101 henchmen become controllable. If you're paying crowns (the premium currency) for some help, I think that help should be ... helpful. The only way to guarantee that is if you're behind the wheel choosing what's being cast and on whom. Otherwise, it just boils down to luck.

4. Graphics Overhaul

Wizard City and the other very early worlds don't show new players what KingsIsle is capable of in 2017. I can't help but think that must be a turnoff for some people. Overhauling the graphics would not only please the veterans who've been around for awhile, but also present a more up to date and inviting first impression to new players. Throwing in some new loading screens would also be a small, but cool, addition as well.

Do you have any quality of life updates that you'd like to see? Share them in the comments below. 


Vanessa Mythdust