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David North Posted:
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I hope you’re all having fun playing ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2.  It’s been a long wait for fans, and I’m sure everyone is eating it up.  But it isn’t just fans of the original playing the game.  Players that are new to the lands of Tyria are joining in on the fun.  How do I know that new players are coming in?  I read the general chat and see questions like “What’s a Mesmer?” There are even some new players to the MMO genre asking the question “How does an armorsmith smith armor?”  While the instant reaction for us veterans to the genre is laughing and yelling out “Noob!” at the monitor, it appears that many players are stepping up and lending a helping hand. Something I’ve very glad to see.

Helping out is actually pretty common in the Guild Wars 2 community.  Sure, we have a good laugh but by helping out new players we may be helping create a great player.  The best way to help a new player is to answer their questions, even if it reminds you of the noob you used to be.  All it takes is a few moment to answer a question.  Someone’s asking how to craft, give them some info.  Someone’s asking where a certain NPC is, let them know.  Don’t just tell them to type in /dance, even though that response is very hilarious.  I’ve even seen players take that advice.  If you think it would help, send them over to the wiki pages.  Anything is better than nothing. 

Guild Wars 2 gave the ability to revive to every profession.  If you see a downed and killed player just run over and help them out.  You never know, the same player may come along and help you out.  Another bonus is that you get experience for helping people out.  And don’t just limit your good deeds to helping players when they are dead.  If you see a player cornered by 4 enemies, go over and help them out.  You can’t steal kills, you share them, so you aren’t hurting their progress. 

This spirit really was displaced, right into a tree.

Dynamic events are used for many things in Guild Wars 2’s design.  I think one of its purposes is to help players get into the mindset of helping others.  So far I haven’t played through an event that I could do alone.  The enemies are tougher, and in larger numbers.  I’m starting to see messages in chat from players announcing events asking for help.  If you can get to it, you should help out.   You may even find some new guild mates. 

Trying to uncover an entire map can be tricky.  Some of the points of interest and vista points are hidden really well.  You can climb the top of the hill, but the point of interest doesn’t unlock.  If you see 6 other players, all puzzled, start working together and figure it out.  Take different sides and try to find a cave, or maybe it’s through an underwater entrance.  Through team work you can figure it out.  The same goes for jumping puzzles.  Help players out, they may even be the ones to return the favor later on.

I’ve noticed some events, quests, and skill challenges can glitch up, preventing you from completing them.  Most of these appear in the higher level areas, and it’s a pretty big bummer.  If you know something is bugged, don’t let player stand around where a skill challenge NPC should be.  Let them know it’s bugged, so that they can go and explore elsewhere.  Players new to the genre may not even know that games can glitch, so inform.  You probably wish someone did the same for you the first time you came across an in-game problem. 

This was my first warrior ever in an MMO. I really wish I had had some help.

I hope ArenaNet can fix the few bugs in Guild Wars 2 soon.  I have a few maps I need to complete, but the final skill challenge, or quest is bugged.  Anyways, the moral of today’s story is to help out all the noobs and fellow players.  Not only do you help out a player, you’ll get experience, and share the drops.  You might even find a new member for your guild, or a new guild to join.    Just remember, we were all noobs at one point, and we all wish we had help.  If it helps, you may laugh while doing it.


David North