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Noob Adventures in Destiny 2: Forsaken Part 3

William Gallon Posted:
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I finally hit level cap!  While I was thinking I’d hit cap and be able to gear up quickly to raid judging from my power level gains during leveling, I got a quick reality check after hitting power level 500 and finding out that gains from there are on are slow and require a bit of work.  I’m not against that at all, but silly me thought that I’d be able to jump into raiding quickly.  Instead, I’m still working on finishing up the story and grinding gear on the side through dailies and weeklies, as well as doing a good amount of PvP.

As far as the story goes, Forsaken is keeping me hooked.  I like that I can start working on my end game gear grind before I’ve finished the story, leaving me with tons to do.  My brother picked the game up at my recommendation and used his boost to start doing Forsaken content along with me.  I’ve got more playtime than him, as well as some more gear and a higher level, but I had no problem jumping back a few missions to keep us at the same area in the story.  I’ve been holding off on finishing story missions solo but have yet to run into any issues where I feel that I should finish them ahead of time.  We’ve done a good amount of Gambit and Crucible together as well, but the biggest problem we ran into on those was the insane wait time during matchmaking.  We would queue up, go and get dinner, take care of our dogs, clean up around the house, and come back to see that we’re STILL waiting for a match.  On top of that, running into games with people that leave or getting put into partially done matches means that we get sick of waiting to load into a game long before we get sick of playing.  This is my first major gripe with Destiny 2 and has pushed me towards grinding more public events than I had expected.

Gearing up at 50 is enjoyable, as loot itself isn’t hard to find.  Good loot can be difficult to come by, but on top of normal loot from bosses and events, your exp begins to reward you random gear each time you level up.  Gear drops from mobs scale as well, so that you will still get some useful items doing any sort of content.  This means that you can just play whatever you are interested in now or worry about grinding for secondary crafting mats on different planets, and you don’t have to worry that your drops will suffer because of out-leveling an area.  This does mean that the mobs also scale their stats to your level, so that you always need to watch and make sure you don’t get killed while running around.  While I was worried about how this would feel in the end game, I think it’s a good way to be able to make old content stay relevant and make sure you don’t have to keep grinding the same couple areas nonstop.

While my raid dreams are being put on hold for now, as I’ve only managed to get to power level 509, the multitude of things to do is helping keep the game interesting.  I still have to finish the story line off anyway, which I am still looking forward to, as well as keep grinding gear.  Trying to do content that requires 540 while under geared is near impossible, so I’m looking to get fully geared up and into the new raid soon!

Note: Our Xbox One copy of Destiny 2 was provided by PR


William Gallon