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Mysterious Creatures of Tyria

David North Posted:
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It’s that time of the year: time for ghost stories and monster hunts.  Our own world is filled with mysteries of ghost and creatures from the unknown, and Tyria is no different.  Guild Wars 2 has many mysteries of its own harboring strange beings with unknown origins. 

While trying to get information straight from the source, ArenaNet never says much. That leaves plenty of room for speculation. Join me this week, as we go through some of the strangest creatures and beings found in Guild Wars 2.

Prepare for a journey through mysteries that are more fantastic and bone chilling than Big Foot.

First we touch upon the Largos.  A race of assassins that live in the deep dark depths of the Unending Ocean.  At first glance they appear to be butterflies, gracefully moving through the water.  Upon closer look, you’ll find a humanoid fully armored with the intent of murder in its eyes!  The Largos have become a fan favorite, which is understandable.  Just look at their awesome designs!  They are also a very new race, never once being mentioned, or appearing, in the original Guild Wars games.  Only a small bit of information is known on this new race, and rarely do they make an appearance.  Hopefully we will see and learn more about this race of deadly sea assassins.  Just do your best not to find yourself on the wrong end of their blades until then.

They may look like a calm and graceful sea creature from far away. But up close you can see how deadly the Largos really are.

The next great mystery in the land of Tyria is the Steam Creatures!  These metal constructs have no living tissue, but resemble robots that run on steam energy.  The Steam Creatures appear through strange portals that are created by machines.  It’s believed the creatures come from another dimension that is home to an alternate reality.  If so, why come to ours?  Do they want to rule over our world?  And a greater question presents itself: Why do they ally themselves with Scarlet Briar?  These are questions we may never have the answers to.

Enter Scarlet Briar.  Graduate of every Asuran University with top marks, as well as a master of several martial arts and tactics.  A being capable of achieving greatness in the world, instead she uses her abilities to bring chaos upon the Human race.  The real question is why?  Her motives are unknown, perhaps even to those who serve her.  Scarlet is considered a top threat in Tyria, popping out of nowhere to make an assassination attempt on the Queen.  But as more events occur it seems Scarlet has been executing her plans for quite some time.

Scarlet is also known for having very little regard for the lives of others.  She seems to have a fascination with large explosions, and loves to see others in pain.  Word travels among her Aetherblade Pirates that if she becomes bored, she will often kill whoever is close just to keep herself busy.  Based on these actions, is she the personification of pure evil?  Is she be the seed of destruction for our world?

Underneath the command of Scarlet Briar is a new faction known as the Aetherblade Pirates.  They command the skies with their airships, and use technology that can only be obtained through mad experimentation.  These sadistic pirates can be found throughout the land torturing and pillaging unsuspecting travelers, in ways that many wouldn’t wish on their greatest foe.  The origins of the Aetherblades are unknown, but many believe that it’s linked to the devious plans of Scarlet Briar.  No matter where they came from, they are now the cause of many nightmares.

The Sylvari are a great mystery to many of the races in Tyria.  The Sylvari people are still very young, mere infants compared to others, yet seem to be adapting rather quickly.   Sylvari are a very magic-based race, growing from the branches of a massive and enchanting tree.  It is said that as they are growing inside their pods, they have a dream that will help them decide the path they will take during their life.  When they emerge from their fruit like pod, they are already full grown with knowledge of the world from these dreams.  Though they are a fairly polite and peaceful race, their appearance in the world is very mysterious... and they did bring Scarlet Briar into the world too.  What gave the tree this power to create an entire people?

Last we have the dreaded Fleshreavers.  These disgusting creatures are made of dead flesh and bone picked from corpses.  How they hold themselves together is unknown, but may be the result of Necromantic energies.  Travelers should always be on guard, as these foul creatures silently come out of the mist, and strike without warning.

The Fleshreaver is one of the creepiest looking creatures in all of Tyria.

Many other mysterious beings populate the world of Tyria.  The ancient Seers are still subjects of many campfire stories, and sailors fear the old tales of Leviathans that rule the dark oceans.  What other strange beasts could be lurking in the shadows?  Will they be more peaceful creatures such as the Pale Tree, or will they be terrible monsters that thirst for blood?  I guess we’ll just have to wait for them to come out of the shadows, and make their move.

What other strange mysterious creatures and events have you come across during your travels through Tyria?  Let us know in the comments below. 

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