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My Most Anticipated Blackrock Mountain Cards

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It’s always torture waiting for Hearthstone’s next set of cards, but it’s doubly worse when Blizzard releases them through an adventure mode. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to crushing some dwarves when the first wing of the game’s second adventure zone, Blackrock Mountain, releases tomorrow, but it’ll be a couple of weeks until all the new cards are available. Unfortunately, that means some of my deck ideas will have to wait until all the wings are out. In the meantime, let’s round up some of the Blackrock Mountain cards we’re most excited for.

Gang Up

As someone who primarily plays Tempo Rogue, Gang Up doesn’t look like a card I’d want to play. Two mana and losing a card in hand for potentially three useful cards later. It just doesn’t feel right. Still, since this works on enemy minions, this could lead to some hilarious and unexpected results. The most practical application I can think of is using this card on Coldlight Oracles in a Mill Rogue deck. I don’t play a whole lot of Mill Rogue, but it can be fun to mess with people sometimes and Gang Up synergizes quite well with a mill-based deck and heavy draw cards like Coldlight Oracle.


While Rogue is my first love, Mage is definitely up there as one of my favorite classes in Hearthstone. Unfortunately, the most prevalent Mage deck is Mech Mage, and I’m just not into that idea.  If I’m going to play a Mage, I want to be casting spells and Flamewaker works as a quasi-Goblin Blastmage towards that end. Flamewaker is sure to be a solid three drop with great utility for any spell slinging Mage player.

Demonwrath / Imp Gang Boss

I can’t separate these two because they go so well together. Admittedly, my Demonlock isn’t the meta style you’re used to seeing. I run all demons. I don’t just run a couple and call it a Demonlock.  Imp Gang Boss, Imp Master, and Imp-plosion could make for some hilarious Imp themed decks, especially when paired with Mal’Ganis and demon buffing cards like Demonheart to ensure your Imp Gang Boss can create as many Imps as possible. Demonwrath works well with this idea since it won’t nuke your little Imps the way a Hellfire would if you need to clear the board. I realize this deck idea probably won’t get me far on the ladder, but I just can’t wait to put this all to the test.

Emperor Thaurissan

Reducing the cost of all cards in your hand each turn with a decent body to boot, it should be obvious how disgustingly powerful this card is. The card has an immediate impact on your hand since it activates at the end of your turn, which is also a huge plus. If you can manage to keep this bad boy alive for multiple turns, I can see how it would be easy to quickly snowball out of control. As a Rogue main, I’m looking to combine this card with Conceal and perhaps even dust off Master of Disguise to keep this guy concealed for the entire match. At five health, he isn’t terribly vulnerable to area of effect removal, so I’m eager to find out if I can make this strategy work without boning the rest of my deck.

Here Be Dragons

I’ve been obsessed with dragons since I was a little kid. I watch Game of Thrones for the five minutes or so per episode I get to see of Daenerys and her dragons. I’d probably get a dragon tattoo if I weren’t such a wuss with needles. You get the point. One thing I’ve been trying to do in Hearthstone since I started playing was make a dragon tribal deck work. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough dragons and there isn’t any particular synergy between the ones that do exist. That all changes in Blackrock Mountain, which is set to add twelve new dragon or dragon-themed cards to the game. I practically lost my mind at PAX East when Blizzard revealed the adventure mode’s heavy emphasis on dragon tribals.

To say that I’m excited to put together a dragon deck would be an understatement. However, there is a catch. It looks like the best classes for putting together a dragon deck are going to be two of my most hated classes in Hearthstone: Paladin and Priest. I’m going to have to suck it up and play one of these classes though, because nothing is going to get in the way of me putting together a dragon deck.

It’s hard for me to pick just one dragon card that I’m most excited to play, but if you forced me, I’d have to say it would be the Paladin’s Dragon Consort. As a five drop with five health and five damage, the card is a great body on its own, but its battlecry is what truly stands out. The Dragon Consort allows you to play your next dragon card at two less mana, which is huge considering the fact that most dragon cards come in at high mana costs. I can see this card being the glue needed to make a viable dragon deck work.  Blessing of Light and Hand of Protection should also be fun to use on the Dragonkin Sorcerer.

Which cards are you most looking forward to in Blackrock Mountain and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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