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My Labyrinth Struggle

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Many people know that derby is a huge part of my Wizard101 life. I actually don't think I would've gotten where I am today without it. Before I was a writer and blogger, before I was a mercenary, and before I was a moderator ... I was a derby tournament master on Wizard101 Central. It was my first real leadership role within the KingsIsle community, and it's something I still do today. As a tournament master, I make sure derby tournaments run smoothly and solve any problems that may arise. Strangely enough, my most frustrating derby experience didn't come from running a tournament. It came from preparing for a tournament.

The particular tournament I was preparing for at the time was called "First Gen MOS (Master of the Spiral): Dragonspyre." Participants could only use a first generation pet that was exclusive to Dragonspyre. After digging through the wiki to find the best available options, I ended up deciding on the Boss Banshee. All but three of its talents were stat boosts and the derby abilities were decent. It seemed like a good pick. Well, until I realized where I'd have to get it from.

The Boss Banshee pet is only dropped by one boss - Vladimir Darkflame. And let me tell you, Mr. Darkflame is not an easy person to get an appointment with. He's the final boss in an extremely lengthy Dragonspyre dungeon called "The Labyrinth." It's appropriately named, given the instance's windy structure and whopping 7 different bosses. You have:

Given that, I wasn't too thrilled to farm it over and over again for a derby pet. Yet, that's exactly what I did. I spent HOURS in The Labyrinth day after day. The dungeon is really cool the first few times, but eventually you just get sick of it. I think that happens with any boss or dungeon you decide to farm. Luckily, it paid off in the end. Vladimir dropped my precious Boss Banshee pet and I trained it up for the derby tournament. I ended up coming in 2nd place. It wasn't the result I wanted, but somehow I remember the experience more vividly than other of my first place wins. The Boss Banshee is actually still roaming around in one of my castles today.

Outcome aside, would I do it again? Would I actually go back into that dreaded place just for a pet? Probably. I'm too crazy not to. I'm also level 125 now so it'd be a lot faster to complete.

What's the craziest thing you've farmed for?


Vanessa Mythdust