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Mutiny & a Snowstorm

Tim Eisen Posted:
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A few weeks is a long time on the internet. Last time I checked one day in internet time is equal to 2 weeks real time. CSE might as well have closed up shop and cancelled the game because they went 3 whole weeks without a typical (typically huge) update, at least I heard it was that long, but I’m too cool to care.

We got plenty of little updates, we saw vines, we read tweets, they kept testing and of course they were active on their forums but without the big Friday updates moral sank and almost led to mutiny within the CUniverse (yes I’m overstating for dramatic effect)! What that tells me is two things, the backers of Camelot Unchained LOVE their game and the backers of Camelot Unchained love their CSE!

Personally I hadn’t noticed because like I said I’m too cool for things like that… I mean it’s not like I spent days clicking refresh on my browser and staring at my inbox like a lonely ex-lover that awoke one day to a cold and empty bed with a note placed neatly atop the desolate pillow beside me that read “It’s Christmas and New Year’s, get a life and be somebody, go outside or at least open a window, live you pale neckbearded freak, LIVE!”. Well I got news for you CSE, I AM somebody! I’m your somebody, I’m sorry! Whatever I did I’m sorry but I can never change for anyone, even you…OK I’ll change, just please, please don’t ever leave me like that again! I mean, one can assume some fanatics were like that, but not me (glances down at goodbye note before tossing it into the fire).

Moving on, CSE hit us with an update about some things but I didn’t read it because I was too busy brain storming other things on the forums, things I can’t talk about here. Man I love the community! What was I saying…oh yeah so CSE got hit with like 300 feet of snow, but before they did, the sent out an update.

That’s right, with the worst snow storm since the Pleistocene bearing down on them they took the time to put US first and give us a nice big update! They have a shiny new website coming out “soon” (we all know “soon” in MMO speak is anywhere from 3 days to 3 years but this “soon” sounds legit). The framework for their animation system has been added to the game thanks to the Godfather of Gank James Brown and his magical apothecary AKA code skills (hey, that stuff IS magic to simpletons like me).

Why should you care? As Scott the lead animator said “We can finally import combat animations in a way that will allow the player’s character to behave correctly, based on directional movement and equipped weapons. We can now have characters wielding shields, right and left handed weapons, switch between combat speed and a full sprint, and more. In addition, this new combat animation system allows us to dynamically influence the length of combat preparation and recovery times by the character’s stats and abilities. This system also gives us the flexibility to support new weapon types, such as a bow that requires a different sequence of animated procedures (i.e. draw and un-draw a nocked arrow).”

I’ll translate that down for you: now they can make cool looking weapons to do stuff and movement will matter! Pretty exciting right? Not as exciting as new combat animations and weapons moving to testing! Must be an election cycle because “It’s happening”. The engine is built, it has been tested and it passed, now it’s time to make combat pretty!

The “User Stories” revealed 18 old cards with 69 completes and an additional 10 new cards with 47 completes, but who is counting-other than 20,000 plus backers! No pressure.

Mark has been grinding away on the crafting system. For anyone that has ever said “I could build a MMO” I suggest you start by trying to build a deep crafting system, you might come away with a new found respect for MMO developers! He also said something about hooking a cart to a giant goat thing but I assume he was just trolling the obsessive hauler (aka “smuggler” in my imagination) fans like myself. What can I say. Some kids wanted to be Luke, some Vader but me, I just wanted to be a humble, Falcon riding, princess flying, wheeling dealing and partying like it was June 26, 2003 again Smuggler! I’m kidding, I wanted to be Luke, Vader, Han, Boba, Maul, Obi and even Jaba…and I STILL do-because Star Wars!

Hopefully everyone at CSE was able to rest and relax over the holidays. Let us also hope they got through the big storm without encountering any frost giants! If needed, I’ll chain up my team of Pizzly Bears and sled out to help! Knowing CSE they all had a set of frost proc gear on hand, suited up and battled mother nature like the raid boss she is because MMOers overcome.


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