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Monstrology and More

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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April is finally here, and Wizard101's spring update will soon follow. After multiple months of teasing, KingsIsle unveiled the upcoming spring update on the Test Realm at the end of March. While the update doesn't consist of any major storyline content, it does introduce a brand new mechanic that could prove useful in the future.


Monstrology is the highlight of Wizard101's spring update. The system revolves around collecting "animus" and transforming it into useful tools. Wizards can collect animus by defeating enemies with an enchanted Extract Animus spell. Though the enchant can be applied the same way already existing ones do, enchants currently cannot be stacked. This may not be a problem for low level players, but it could pose a challenge for high level wizards who have gotten used to utilizing damage enchants.

Once animus is extracted, it can be used to create castle house guests, summon monster treasure cards, or expel monster treasure cards. Avid housing decorators will be pleased by the house guest option, but most players will probably be more interested in the two latter options. Expel monster treasure cards deliver an insta-kill to a minion (no bosses allowed!). Summon monster treasure cards work similar to henchmen or minions. When you play a summon monster treasure card, the creature on the card will join your battle to help you out. However, because animus can be collected from almost any undead creature, these treasure cards could supply you with a very powerful helper. Imagine Haunted Malistaire aiding you? Yeah, that's now possible! The only catch is that any boss cheats will no longer be present. Myth wizards get an extra special treat when it comes to the summon monster treasure card option. While non-myth players are able to summon only one Monstrology minion, myth wizards can summon up to three! Myth wizards will now be able to fill an entire battle circle with helpers.

Other Additions

Though Monstrology seems to be the focus of the spring update, there are some other new additions in store.

Monstrodome - A complement to the new Monstrology system, the Monstrodome gives players the option to create some castle entertainment. Using summon monster treasure cards, wizards can duel against undead enemies inside their house. Since friends are allowed inside the Monstrodome, I predict some serious undead smashing parties will be underway soon enough.

Skeleton Key Bosses - Three new skeleton key bosses were thrown into the mix. Sapoti (Wooden Key Boss) can be found in Krokotopia, Captain Hockins (Stone Key Boss) can be found in Zafaria, and Verboten Mimic (Gold Key Boss) can be found in Mirage.

New School Pets - Level 118 wizards will have a new quest available from the Arcanum Scholars. Along with these new pets come all new hybrids! For a full list of the new school pets and corresponding hybrids, check out Swordroll's illustrated guide.

Fishing Expands to Aquila - In order to complete their collections, fishers will need to reel in brand new fish swimming in Aquila's ponds.

Jewel Vault - The long awaited Jewel Vault has been added to the Crown Shop. Similar to the Seed Vault and Gear Vault, the Jewel Vault will supply players with some much needed storage.

Wizard101's spring update should hit the live realm later this month. In the meantime, see the full list of updates here. Happy testing!


Vanessa Mythdust