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Mobile MMO AxE: Alliance vs Empire is Coming to North America

Matthew Keith Posted:
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Nexon, the publishing/developer powerhouse, has announced that their next generation mobile MMORPG, AxE, will be released in North America later this year. Launching on the App Store and Google Play Store, this action focused MMORPG,  promises to bring all of the features you have come to expect from a triple-A MMO to your mobile device. Boasting an vast, open world, immersive fantasy narrative and an epic PVP war between the Alliance and Empire, AxE hopes to present a fully realized MMO experience from the comfort of your phone.

Featuring a rich social gaming experience, AxE brings together 150 players in a 75 vs 75 real-time PVP combat experience. Smaller, arena style PVP will also be available for players who are looking for that competitive experience. Players that tend to lean more into the PVE side of the MMO experience will be happy to know that the game will also feature full support for Raids, group dungeons and world bosses for players to take on. These PVE features will all be wrapped up in an engaging story arc that will be lead players across the titles open world.

According to Tommy Lee, General Manager of Nexon M., the game was designed to bring the best parts of the PC and console experience of MMORPG’s to the mobile platform. Players will begin their journey by choosing from one six unique classes. Each character can be suited up and armed with a wide array of weapons, armour and abilities that will help diversify builds that tailor the the players gameplay style.

The game will also come packed with social and team management features allowing players to connect and engage in the world of AxE faster than ever before. The game will even feature an in-game chat system to provide players live communication during raids and PVP experiences.

Be sure to keep that web browser locked here as we will soon be sharing our experience with the title over the coming days.


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