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Fancy yourself a spaceman? ELITE: Dangerous gives you the entirety of the solar system to explore. And while other games like No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen are on the way, right now Elite is the only MMO to truly give you that sort of spacefaring freedom. Except…


Like WoW above, and EQ2 below, few games match the sheer size and scope of Rift. And, like EQ2, Rift gives you ample reason to explore as the game’s collection system has players all over hunting for shiny spots and trying to get to places no Telaran should be able to scale.


Guild Wars 2 has one of the most gorgeous worlds in MMO gaming. It’s also got one of a select few worlds that has actually seen change across its zones since it launched. And what more reason do explorers need to do their thing than to get major rewards for completely exploring each and every zone in Tyria?


Yes, I included both. Both have absolutely immense words worth poring over. The games may be dated, but with active development teams and new expansions and content coming in 2016, they’re well worth taking the time to explore if you fancy a bygone era of MMORPG gaming.


Few games reward players for going off the beaten path like ESO. Special chests, special dungeons, loot, bosses, and more all await you if you don’t just follow the main questline. With the upcoming Thieves Guild, chances are that reason to explore will grow even deeper.


Trove literally gives players unending exploration. Each new world the game creates on demand is done so dynamically. No two worlds are ever the same. And while you’ll run into some of the same dungeon layouts, Trove does an excellent job of giving players something new to see each and every day.

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