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William Murphy Posted:
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In this new column we’re calling The Playlist; we seek to be your MMO Spotify. We want to curate lists of games for all kinds of player types or interests. To start off, we’re going to focus on the best games out there for all kinds of explorers. If you love getting lost in a world, seeing whatever is over the next mountain, we hope to give you quite a few games to check out. 

Note that these lists aren’t intended to be rankings; rather we want you to use them as guides to find games you might like, games you might have forgotten, or games you want to avoid.  They’re not exhaustive, as making them as such would take away from the whole curated bit. Plus, there are bound to be overlaps in future Playlists, as there are only so many games out there. As always, we may miss a game or several. Let us know your additions!


LotRO is easily one of the best games to visit if you’re in it to explore. Where else outside of your imagination can you travel the whole of Middle-earth? From Hobbiton to the Mines of Moria and ever –eastward, Lord of the Rings Online is an explorers dream.


Carbine Studios’ sci-fantasy MMORPG not only has oodles and oodles of hidden areas and places to uncover and unlock, but it devotes an entire area of the game to doing just that. The explorer path, chosen at character creation, is ideal for players who want to uncover every bit of the game map.


While WoW gets a fair bit of criticism these days, there’s simply no denying that Azeroth, the Outland, and Draenor are a sight to behold. The World of Warcraft is created and rendered so beautifully that it’s hard not to want to see every single piece of what Blizzard has sculpted.


Wander, the MMO based entirely on exploration, with no combat whatsoever, isn’t exactly for everyone. It’s been quiet since last year when it launched amid a myriad of technical issues and has received mostly negative reviews on Steam. That said, there simply aren’t many MMOs whose sole purpose is to provide a place to explore. If that’s really your cup of tea, it’s $25 on Steam.

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