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If you’re playing Guild Wars 2, you’re probably playing the brand new Super Adventure Box brought to you by ArenaNet.  The game within a game.  The game that’s making us children of the late 80s and 90s feeling like a kid again.  The game that’s making us want to smash our keyboards just like we smashed so many NES controllers back in the day.  Well I’m here to help you out.  It’s dangerous out there, take this: you found an article offering tips and tricks!

For some new players to Super Adventure Box, the enemies can seem a little tricky.  If you’ve ever played an old game from the eighties, you’ll recognize that these enemies are designed to follow a basic attack pattern.  I see several players get taken out by the Super Spiders.  Their ability to breakdance has allowed them to go into an awesome spinning attack, causing serious damage to players unfortunate enough to be in its path.  If you see a Super Spider getting ready to attack, take a few steps back and wait for him to spin himself dizzy.  While he takes a moment to recover, go in and strike him down!

Prepare yourself for adventure!

Super Monkeys sure are mean.  Their throwing attack can knock you right off a branch or cliff.  To stop yourself from falling victim to this attack, look for the X!  An X will appear where the monkey will use their throw attack.  Have some patience and wait for the attack to pass, and stay away from that X!  Once the attack is down, move on, or move in to attack!  With just two quick strikes, you’ll smite your monkey foe!

The Queen Beedog can be a tough mini boss.  It’s taken many players’ lives, but this little trick will put an end to their reign of terror!  Super Adventure Box is more fun when you play with friends.  Have one of your buddies equip the whip item, which can be bought at a store, and use it repeatedly to keep the Queen Beedog stunned.  This prevents it from using any of its attacks.  With this strategy, that sweet honeycomb is yours!

At the end of a zone, you may have to free a villager stuck in a cage.  But let’s face it, you just want the treasure chest that’s in there with him!  The Dark Lords head will float above, zapping you with a deadly death beam!  There is an easy way to foil the Dark Lord’s plans.  First, spread out!  The explosion caused by the death beam can hit multiple players.  When you see the head turn, move around the cage in the same direction.  This will allow you to evade the Dark Lord’s attack if you are in his sights.  And one last bit of advice.  Keep swinging your weapon!

Look out for those death beams!

As your adventure through Super Adventure Box, be sure to visit the store often.  You’ll find health potions that will heal you for a whole heart of health!  Always keep a healthy stock of these.  You never know when you’ll need them!  They also have some great tools for you to buy.  That’s right!  The shovel is great for adventurers.  It offers a ten percent chance to find treasure!  You may dig up an angry bunny, or 40 baubles!

You never know what you’ll find in the ground.

The whip is another great item to get from the store.  It has a long reach, and stuns enemies.  If you find yourself having a hard time reading the attack patterns of your enemies, just give them a quick whip, and finish them off with your trusty stick!

Bombs are always good to have.  Just like the shovel, the bombs allow you to find hidden secret treasures.  But they are also a very powerful weapon.  Throwing a bomb at an enemy deals double damage!  Just don’t go too crazy with them, as every bomb you throw will cost you a bauble.

Super Adventure Box is filled with secrets, and also mazes!  By going through an entire maze, you’ll find baubles and enemies.  But if you’re not careful, you may get lost!  To give you a better feel for a maze, move your camera angle till it’s looking directly down at your character, and zoom out as much as you can.  This allows you to see ahead of you, and also in paths on the other side of walls

Teamwork will help you out in any situation.  Use communication to call out when an enemy will attack.  It’s harder for even the mightiest of foes to bring down a whole group than it is a single, lonely player. If a teammate falls behind, go and help them out.  Remember to get to checkpoints quickly, and to set up mushrooms so teammates can bounce back to the main group.

Super Adventure Box has some great challenges for even the most hardened adventurers.  But some need a little help.  I hope these tips help you conquer your enemies.  No one likes to pay for those continue coins.  Take this knowledge and use it to stop the Dark Lord.  Now go out there and earn your new favorite weapon skin!

Do you have any tips for other players?  Know any sweet secret areas?  Share your knowledge in the comments below!

David North / David North is a freelance writer for MMORPG.com.  David loves to play and makes games, but now he writes about them!  If you want to creep on him and make fun of his ability to draw, follow him over on twitter @David_the_North.

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