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MMO Launch Spotlight: Vikings and Saiyans Top This Week's List

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Are you ready for this week’s MMO releases? We have three games this week that are outside of the norm. Here’s our short list of MMO launches this week!

Viking Rise: Valhalla

Viking Rise: Valhalla released on Steam on May 22nd, 2024. If you’re an RTS MMO fan, then this might be right up your alley, just keep in mind that this is a port of the mobile version that released back in April of 2023. IGG Singapore boasts the success of their game with more than 10 million downloads and counting.

The latest launch coincides with the crossover event of Viking Rise and Vikings: Valhalla, which is a popular historical drama on Netflix. The crossover will have you meet heroes from the show, while you take part in the largescale battles that Viking Rise has become known for. In addition to conquering Midgard you’ll also cultivate land, take to the seas for naval combat, and take a sharp turn from the historical drama into the realm of fantasy where you’ll hunt dragons and mythical beasts. This is definitely worth a try for RTS fans that are also into Norse mythology.

Striker Manager 3

It’s not common to see sports games list themselves as MMOs, but Striker Manager 3 by UPLAY Online has just released their latest offering that pits manager and player against each other on a worldwide scale. Football (or Soccer) fans will be able to manage their own team, create their own players, football stadium, and tactics and then test their decision making in full 3D games.

Be forewarned though, despite being launched on Steam, Striker Manager 3 is a Web3 title, where you’ll be able to mint your players and your stadium, and eventually sell them if you so choose. Minting your characters increases their progression speed and makes them more valuable. According to the official site, “80% of the game can be enjoyed without an external wallet”, which still doesn’t bode well for players who want nothing to do with the Web3 portion of the game. Essentially, if you’re not a fan of blockchain then I would pass on this game.

Dragonball Xenoverse 2: Future Saga - Episode 1

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 and their latest update released on Xbox X|S and PlayStation 5 on May 24, 2024. The popular online game is adding their first chapter of the Future Saga, and by doing so players will be introduced to 5 new playable characters, 3 more missions, 12 parallel quests, 15 new skills, plus more costumes and Super Souls. This will also be the first time that console players will get a taste of Xenoverse 2.

The new characters include Goku Black and fan favorite villain Broly in his “Restrained” form. This is just one of many upcoming updates. In addition to the new content, there will be a collaboration with Sand Land. Admittedly, the content is fairly light and may not be worth the 19.99, but if you’re a Dragon Ball fan and you’ve been playing the many multiplayer modes, you probably won’t want to miss this.


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