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MMO Launch Spotlight | An MMORTS and A Naughty VR Pool Party Make Our List of 5 This Week

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Welcome back to our MMO Launch Spotlight where we aim to find new MMOs when they release. This week we see an old game return to some negative reviews and a VR social pool party leaves Early Access. Let’s hit the list.

Project Entropy

Project Entropy by FunPlus International is a mobile port that hit Steam on April 17th, 2024. Before you write this one off completely, the game is an MMORTS, and it has some gorgeous graphics and a neat little Sci-Fi theme.

The game boasts the ability to team up with over 100 players and customize your team with dozens of characters, customizing your regiments as you go. The mobile title has been out since 2023, and it has been going strong with seasons, an ongoing storyline, PvP and PvE cooperative modes, and well over 500k downloads. If you’re a fan of RTS games and want to expand into a new universe, Project Entropy is available on Steam now.


Fancy staying home? Of course you do. Well then maybe it’s time for a Staycation. This obvious indie title has just released on Steam on April 14th, 2024. Essentially, you’re meant to survive in a world that was invaded by demons. It’s hard to find any actual information on the game, but what I can find states that the game has PvE and PvP, some mini bosses, fishing, crafting, survival outposts, and you’ll be able to level up and gain experience as you go.

What’s somewhat jarring is that the Steam page lists a Mature Content Description referencing some mature themed assault and – well, let’s just say, they aren’t subjects I’m going to broach here. Despite the listing as “fully launched” the game is still very much in development, but it still seems a step ahead of what The Day Before managed, so I’m going to allow it. Staycation is currently $1.79 USD on Steam, which still feels like a gamble, but if you’re into helping an indie developer, this is one of those times.


MMO. Capture the Flag. Put on your 2D pants and get yourself some friends, because in FreeInfantry you’re going to get a team together and try to survive against a swarm of alien bugs. Released on April 15th, 2024, FreeInfantry feels like oldschool Grand Theft Auto meets Command and Conquer where you’ll need to rally together and travel through some cityscapes and rural warzones as you beat back some beasties.

There really isn’t much to it aside from stating that developer FreeInfantry Group states the FreeInfantry is the world’s first massive multiplayer online isometric shooter. I don’t know if that title is worth challenging, but the game looks like a great little diversion if you want some retro-feeling fun. The game is currently free to play on Steam.

Hash Oasis

If you’ve been circling our release lists, then you’ve probably seen Hash Oasis before. We reported that it had released onto Steam in February, and now the team at Hash Tynmo has released the game officially as of April 11th, 2024. As a quick refresher, the game intends to allow players to make “real” human relationships in a virtual world through their use of VR, although the game is also available without a VR headset.

This feels more like an online social space like VR Chat, with new spaces to hangout added, such as an amusement park, a movie theater, and a beach party scene. It also has a tower defense game within it, and warns of “disguised sexual nudity” though, it’s not particularly disguised very well. It currently sits at mixed reviews on Steam but is free to play for anyone who wants to see what it’s all about.

Life is Feudal

We reported earlier this week that Life is Feudal has returned to Steam in a relaunch effort that hasn’t gone entirely as planned. The game returned to Steam on April 18th, 2024, and has since obtained an overwhelmingly negative recent review score. If you were a previous player, by logging in on Steam you’ll be graced with 30 days of free play time, while new players will have 7 days play time, but otherwise, it looks like the team at Long Tale Games is hoping for some of that subscription dough to start rolling in. In fact, many of the negative Steam reviews state specifically that the team pushes for you to subscribe to keep playing after the “free trial” period is over.

Life is Feudal is a hardcore survival MMO that takes place in the Middle Ages. You’ll terraform the land and construct buildings. You’ll battle in guild vs guild warfare and team up with many other players to achieve your shared goals. Life is Feudal is still in Early Access, and the relaunch on Steam hasn’t changed that at all. If you played the game years ago and wanted to see for yourself whether it has gotten better, you will have 30 days to do so. Otherwise, new players can check this out for free for a week, and if the reviews are any indication, that should be more than enough time to make up your mind on whether you’d like to keep going. Life is Feudal is available on Steam for “free” now.


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