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MMO Launch Spotlight: A Rough Week for MMO Releases

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Our Launch Spotlight is back this week with some new MMOs to hop into this weekend. Explore an eastern fantasy title, ride some chickens and embrace the chaos with this week’s releases.

Sacred X: Heavens Wonderland

Sacred X: Heavens Wonderland is an Eastern Fantasy MMO in the same vein of titles like the, now departed, Swords of Legends Online. Originally released on May 9th, 2024, players looking for their next jaunt into a Xianxia world will certainly find it here as they unlock the power of the gods and battle with thousands of other players in a large open world. There’s also fishing, hunting, cooking and other minigames to pass the time when you’re not battling the forces of evil.

However, be forewarned, the game seems to be a port of a Chinese mobile title by Leniu Games otherwise known as Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, that is heavily pay to win, and is primarily auto-play. It’s a strange choice to change the name, though it’s highly likely it was just a translation snafu, but this fantasy title has been on the Play Store since August 30th, 2022. The release on Steam is certainly broadening the platforms players have access to, but it’s highly unlikely PC players will find much to enjoy here.

End of Enthalpy Online (EoE Online)

EOE Online is a one-person MMO project by Samuel Verheyden that transports players to a wacky world that doesn’t take itself very seriously. The game is currently in Early Access but is available to play for free as of May 7th, 2024. It’s obvious from looking at the placeholder assets that this game isn’t particularly far along, and likely won’t provide much in the way of long-term play – but what it does provide are a few amusing design decisions.

In EOE you’ll be able to ride your chicken or hippo into battle, sail the seas as a pirate, and collect a bunch of pets if you really want to. You’ll also be able to build your home and play mini games with others, in the event you happen to find other players, which seems unlikely considering there haven’t been more than 3 players in the game at a single time since the game hit Steam, according to SteamDB.

Abyss Online

Old World Labs has finally released Abyss Online into Early Access. We’ve been following the game for quite some time, from their transition away from blockchain, to a series of Unreal Engine tests, and as of May 16th, 2024, the game is available for curious gamers looking for a retro-themed fantasy MMO.

Enter the world of Aeternea and team up with others to take part in an open-world sandbox where a classless combat system, an extensive building system and PvP guild battles will (hopefully) keep you busy for hours. The developers have used AI generation for 3D models and much of the story, and despite their best efforts, it seems like the game has a very negative review score on Steam at this time, as players complain about the lack of any real direction within the world. If you do decide to take a chance on Abyss Online you’ll certainly want to pay close attention to your playtime so you can refund the game on Steam if it’s not to your liking.


The last game on our list this week is Kaetram, which released on Steam May 16th, 2024. This 2D MMORPG is a port from OmniDev Inc.’s mobile offering of the same name. This pixelated open-world game has quite a bit of content to keep you busy, from quests to world bosses, and a ton of items to obtain to adorn your character with.

You’ll also be able to join guilds and master 17 different skills like lumberjacking and fishing. With a 4 star rating and over 10K downloads on Google Play alone, and several dozen players on Steam according to SteamDB, Kaetram has certainly found a following. If you’re a fan of  quirky 2D medieval titles, you should definitely give this free game a shot.


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