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MMO Launch Spotlight | A Huge Social Adventure MMO Tops Our List of Releases This Week

Steven Weber Posted:
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This week saw a number of MMO’s hit Steam. A long-time peaceful cooperative social game made its way to a new platform, and a new indie PC MMO hitting the scene. Here’s our shortlist of what launched this week.


Indie Early Access game Rebornia released as free to play game on Steam April 11th, 2024. Developed by Rebornia Games this isometric turn-based game looks like it has a lot of placeholders in game, with many of the models being devoid of any cosmetic customization, with low poly models and modest visuals.

The world itself is very blocky, and from the videos they’ve released recently, it visually reminds me of Toejam & Earl but devoid of any of the wacky character models. Currently, Rebornia is planned to be in Early Access for about a year, and despite the team stating the game is in a fully playable state, with 4 zones and a level 80 character cap, Rebornia Games plans to expand the world, abilities, and performance. As a turn-based MMORPG, you’ll team up with other players to take on challenges and grow together, though there is limited information on how many players are available per zone. Rebornia is available on Steam or you can play directly from their official website.

Dragon Quest Online

Dragon Quest Online does not support the English language in any way, and just in case you were confused, this game is not affiliated with the Dragon Quest series of games by Square Enix. I wanted to list it because it technically launched on Steam this week. Dragon Quest Online by Go2Game, which is a 2D MMORPG that released on April 7th.

The game allows players to team up to defeat world bosses, earn pets, and they have a server launch event for launch for the Legend of the Brave server that started yesterday. If you’re interested in trying a Chinese language MMO, I guess this is your shot.

Sky: Children of the Light

The big ticket item in our list this week is Sky: Children of the Light which released onto Steam on April 10th. If you haven’t followed the game, it was originally a mobile title that has crossed the great divide to PC, PlayStation 4|5 and the Nintendo Switch. Originally release back in 2019, developer Thatgamecompany has created a unique gem of a game, where players get together for high-flying adventure that revolves around social and exploration initiatives rather than the usual combat-focused MMOs we’re used to.

In Sky you’ll be able to take to the skies and return the light alongside other players in a vast open world. You’ll earn (or buy) cosmetics, and interact with emotes and learn social cues to complete puzzles. This free to play game is a cozy social experience, so it won’t appeal to gamers who are just looking for combat and competition. Sky is all about working together, in a calm atmosphere – an atmosphere that Thatgamecompany has cultivated for many years. While it's currently in Early Access on Steam, it has hit a Very Positive status from the Steam community. If you’re looking for something different, check out Sky: Children of the Light on Steam today.


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