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Mirage Raider's Bundle Hits Stores

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Timed perfectly to coincide with the ongoing testing of Wizard101's newest world, Mirage, is the release of a brand new bundle. The Arabian-themed Mirage Raider's Bundle is currently available at GameStop for $39. Not sure if it's for you? I'll be going over some of the highlights.

Nomad's Camp

There are a lot of castles in Wizard101, but the Nomad's Camp truly feels special. The graphics are crisp, the sundown lighting is beautiful, and there's even a little stream running through it with fish swimming about. The house also includes a PvP ring and a traveling merchant who will grant you one free mystery item per day. It's a shame that the soothing atmosphere and colors weren't present in Mirage itself, but then again, that just makes the castle stand out even more.

Desert Racer Mount and Sultan's Monkey Pet

The Desert Racer mount looks like a creature straight out of a coloring book. It's strange, mysterious ... and yet so oddly fascinating. To me, it looks like a mix between a hyena, a bird, and a rabbit. Regardless of what it is (or what you want it to be), the new mount not only gives the standard +40% speed, but also supplies a +2% power pip boost. A more familiar looking friend is the Sultan's Monkey pet. The little guy is dressed up like a Sultan himself and comes with a Gargantuan card at baby. Low level wizards may find this pet helpful if they don't yet have access to the trained astral damage enchants.

Dunerunner's Gear and Desert Weapon

Although the look of the bundle gear might entice some, the stats aren't as impressive. I still personally prefer universal gear from the Graveyard or the Ultra One-Shot Dungeons. However, I encourage everyone to explore their own play-style and see what works best for them.

In addition to all that, the Mirage Raider's Bundle also gives players the option of receiving 5,000 crowns or 1 month of membership. Do you plan on picking this new bundle up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Vanessa Mythdust