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Mirage is on the way!

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Wizards better put their heavy coats and snow boots back in the closet because there is an imminent temperature change coming to Wizard101. Last Friday, KingsIsle's monthly livestream event, KI Live, gave players their first glimpse of the next world - Mirage.

Although players have yet to step foot in Mirage, the world has been known to exist in The Spiral for quite some time now. Various characters in the game have referenced it, including the third arc villain himself, Old Cob. No doubt he's up to no good...

Wizards familiar with the game's lore might have picked up on the fact that Mirage will be a sandy world with Arabian/Persian themes. The traditional headgear and clothing worn by the characters on the teaser poster (presented during KI Live) showcases that. By the looks of it, I think the purple character wielding the sharp gold staff will be Mirage's equivalent to The Rat. Old Cob has a powerful ability to get others to do his bidding and that means he surely won't be acting alone in Mirage. After all, he's even lurking in the background on the poster. Watching, waiting, and observing the madness that unfolds.

KI Live wasn't the only place where Mirage hints could be found though. On Wednesday, October 18th, the Wizard101 Twitter account tweeted: "Hmmm. What do you think we'll find when delving into the Ruins of Catstantinople? #ComingSoon" with an attached concept art image. Catstantinople, huh? That sounds like a purrfect place to explore. Sorry, I had to. The ruins look to be hidden deep in a canyon judging by the lighting. I personally can't wait to see what we find there!

Using past fall test realms as a guideline, I predict that Mirage's test realm will open sometime next week. Keep your eyes peeled on the Wizard101 social media accounts for updates! 


Vanessa Mythdust