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Milestone 5.7 Means the World to Crowfall

Tim Eisen Posted:
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If you follow crowd-funded games, you know there are certain moments where their evolution jumps a few generations. Those moments, generally precipitated by some large announcement or game update, are equal parts anticipation (for us) and anxiety (for developers). They generate hype as they make their way through the MMORPG fanbase bringing stray birds back to the roost. Update 5.7 (conveniently linked just for you) is one of those updates. 

Where to begin? I suppose in the morning makes sense, and now you can do that in Crow via the newly added day/night cycle. That sounds innocuous enough, but this is Crowfall. The day is, well, pleasant enough. It's well-lit and ripe with bounty including the newly added wolves, elk, and hellcats (no affiliation with Riddick lore). If you find yourself feeling especially secure you can even try out the newly added Stoneborn race. 

But night, the night is an entirely different beast during which those fairly pedestrian creatures transform into monsters. (So cometh the Nightman, fighter of the Dayman, master of PVP.) This transformation mutates them into their "tougher", "more aggressive" and noticeably more colorful final forms. They aren't the only monsters feeding on the moon. Within the darkness, a hunger grows. Or rather hunger crystals. These nodes spawn in random locations spreading the cold death of winter. Resources in the area will be frozen; unharvestable until players destroy the hunger crystals.  

That's already a pretty impressive update, and I'm only half done! This next bullet should make longtime Crowfans smile; campaigns now have seasons that progress in real time. We've dreamed about it since the Kickstarter but finally, we have a reason to fight. (Who says we needed a reason?) Summer will be a fruitful time to stockpile resources in preparation for the death and starvation of winter. (Resource or Die would be a good album title.) Each season comes with its own buffs and debuffs that affect players and the game world itself. 

No to ignore those of us who just want to set down our weapons, take off our armor and build something up rather than burn it down; Eternal Kingdoms got some love as well. I'm talking about "Mega Deeds" (no that isn't a new show on TLC). Its "a deed within a deed"(Like a hot pocket within a hot pocket?) ((2010 called, they forgot that joke until now - old man.)) I don't know if I can handle a second self-deprecating inner monologue! OH NO, now I broke the fourth wall!!!...

Ignore that, Back to Crowfall! Rather than have a deed for every item clogging up your inventory mega deeds feature a combining mechanic. Think of it like having a castle, that castle is a mega deed and all the things in the castle that are editable are deeds within that mega deed. It should result in a more pleasurable, organized experience for the Crowfans that only like fighting 23 of the 24 hours they will be playing come launch. 

Speaking of campaigns (shameless easy transition), checking a box next to yet another long-awaited feature the campaign map Aerynth will feature multiple zones. Players will need to use ruin gates to travel between said zones. If that doesn't get spawn campers salivating I don't know what will. (Somewhere a wambulance is revving its engine.)  

Is that all you can do in campaigns? No, there's more. Because we can't all join a corporate guild or aimless zerg Artcraft added outposts to the game. Think of them as the small group PVP option. They aren't worth as much as forts or keeps but they still contribute to the overall PVP point slider and allow players access to the warmth of a fire. Remember small groups; in war, every battle is big.

On the flip side of ruthless spawn camping, player interaction has been enhanced. Players can now interact with one another through a submenu of options. My question is, do players still do that? Do they still type in games or is it Discord or silence nowadays? Asking for an aged gamer friend of mine named...Jim. 

That's all of it, well, I think it is. I'm sure I'm missing a few details because 5.7 was a massive update. I'd go as far as saying this update took Crowfall from a test demo working on individual parts and united it into a game. From the point of view of this bar stool dev, it represents a developmental fulcrum wherein creation gives way to iteration. 


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