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Merlyn Update Arrives - Let the Battle Begin!

Suzie Ford Posted:
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With the arrival of the Merlyn update to Albion Online, players can now ride out on the warpath. The new Faction Warfare system should bring some new experiences to players, as rival groups vie for control of the game world. But that's not all that Merlyn brings. 

The Faction Warfare system will allow players to sign up with one of five factions that are located in the cities of the Royal Continent. Once done, the ability to engage in open-world warfare with other factions unlocks as well as the ability to earn faction points to use in faction-based shops. Players can purchase faction resources "that can be used as substitute materials in crafting" or can be used to "create all-new capes".

The faction war doesn't end there, either. In and around the world, players will find "capturable" faction outposts. But that's no easy feat as each is controlled by a unique boss with special powers and strengths enough to challenge even the hardiest adventurer.

Trade Routes will also open up challenging PvP opportunities as factions try to move goods through enemy territories using stealth and creativity to ensure they arrive at their destination. Owners will need to keep a sharp eye out, however. Rival factions can track down these caravans to try to wrest control. 

With risk comes reward, however, and players can look forward to faction-based goodies including special faction resources. Each Royal city has its own unique type and special vendors sell them to members. These resources can be used in alternative refining recipes or as reagents to create capes with powerful attributes. 

Likewise, each Royal city has a unique faction mount that is purchased with faction points. These baby animals can be raised up through adulthood for an all-new mount with its own skills and strengths.

While Faction Warfare is the cornerstone of the Merlyn update, there's even more to be found including:

  • Refining and crafting bonuses - Royal cities have their own unique bonuses within their biome
  • Resource redistribution - resources have been reallocated to encourage travel and transport
  • Equipment Overcharge - during combat, weapons can be overcharged for a limited-time power boost, but beware: Items have a chance to break when Overcharge ends
  • Marketplace UI improvements
  • Stoneroot Caverns dungeon
  • New costumes & trophies
  • Numerous balance changes
  • Easier travel & navigation
  • Additional performance improvements, graphical and animation updates, audio / UI & localization fixes

Last but not least, players can leverage a 25% fame boost from now through August 6th!

Check out the full update notes on the Albion Online site.


Suzie Ford

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