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Making Old New Again: Wizard101 Test Realm Coming Soon

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Wizard101 is getting a 2018 makeover just in time for its 10th anniversary. While Renee Wooften puts the finishing touches on the revamped areas of the spiral, players remain eager to see the final result. Luckily, KingsIsle has supplied MMORPG.com with two exclusive teasers for the upcoming summer update.

The first teaser is a before and after comparison of the character selection screen. As you can see, it has been completely overhauled! My eye immediately caught the much bigger and elaborate door. I think the two small windows (and bigger lamps) make the screen appear brighter and more open. Additionally, the carpet and flooring have been significantly changed to match the classroom's updated look. However, I'm most excited about the new seats. We have cushions now! No more uncomfortable wooden chairs! If you look closely, you can also spot a few new books lying around. The two chalkboards are smaller, probably to compensate for the bigger door, but they do showcase different doodles now. 

The second teaser is of a new ladybug NPC. She'll be waiting for players in the Wizard City Commons, right near the library. But what is she doing with that camera? Perhaps she's connected to the Photomancy questline that was hinted at on KI Live last Thursday? That pouch does seem like it could hold a photo album or two. Aside from the new NPC, this screenshot's background also gives the community a small taste of what the completed Wizard City renovations will look like.

Hold on to your hardhats because Test Realm is coming very soon. For more information, keep your eyes peeled on the Wizard101 social media accounts.


Vanessa Mythdust