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Looking Forward - Korean Patch 1.7

Mark Wilhelm Posted:
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There are no brakes on the ArcheAge update train. XLGAMES released Patch 1.7 for the Korean version of ArcheAge last month and the features it added are pretty exciting. Let’s take a look at the changes and consider their potential impact when (or if) they make it to North America and Europe.

The Leviathan is finally finished!

It’s been years since we first saw a mini Leviathan threatening ships in an ArcheAge Korean Closed Beta trailer, but now it all grown up and ready to take on the world. Supposedly this ocean boss is even tougher than the Kraken to defeat, requiring more ships and better tactics. Good luck towing the beast’s corpse to shore! Everyone on the server’s going to want a piece of it.


Ship Customization Options

Anyone can change the crest on their ship’s sails and call it a day, but I’m betting the dedicated captains reading this article want more customization options for their battle barges. Good news: now you can swap out your ship’s cannons, rudders, figureheads, lamps, bells, drums and various other naval flairs. Will these customizations be cash shop items? That’s a decision Trion Worlds will have to make.

Attack of the Abyss Raid

Itching for even more stuff to do on your newly customized galleon? XLGAMES has you covered with a fresh hybrid PvE/PvP event hosted in a Mirage Island-style instance. Eerie galleons and a Kraken are attempting to destroy a lighthouse that guides ships around a perilous archipelago. Players can take on the AI-controlled Ghost Ships for PvE loot or attack/defend the central lighthouse for PvP rewards.

Steampunk Skateboards?

This is probably the most divisive new addition to ArcheAge since the cars. I’m personally not a huge fan of the skateboard but if it’s faster or more useful than mounts then I’ll probably use it anyhow. Trion Worlds may have the power to veto its inclusion in the North American and European version of ArcheAge if they decide it’s too disruptive. Perhaps it’ll be another cash shop item?

New Zone: Dew Plains

As the northern continent of Auroria continues to be explored by adventures, new zones are slowly added to keep players occupied. Dew Plains is one of two new areas integrating into Auroria in this newest patch. As a primarily PvP event area, it shares some traits with Halcyona on the southern continent of Nuia. Instead of capturing flags, bring your guild and get ready to take or defend six nodes from your enemies, both human and artificial.

New Zone: Golden Ruins

Auroria’s slightly-less-exciting new addition, depending on the kind of player you are. Golden Ruins serves as a basic hunting ground for levelling your character and grinding mobs down to randomized pouches of dust and gold coins. You’ll also be able to pick up some unique materials required to craft new equipment here. The zone is adjacent to the Diamond Shores area, so expect Trion to keep this zone in reserve until they’re happy with how the Encyclopedia Room functions.

New Zone: Kingdom of Mirrors

Do you like fishing? Do you like ice? Well I’ve got the perfect vacation destination for you. Grab a show shovel and a new fishing rod; we’re going on a trip to the Kingdom of Mirrors! Located just off the Karkasse Ridgelands coast, this tiny group of islands is perpetually covered in ice. You’ll need special equipment to open a hole in the ice and catch new varieties of sea life, but I’m sure the payoff will be worth the investment to avid fishermen.

More Farm and House Items

For those of you who are deeply invested in their virtual property, here’s some good news: ArcheAge continues to be the most advanced massively multiplayer home-ownership simulation software available on the market. Animated statuettes of the Leviathan and Red Dragon, pianos, open-air pagodas, fishable koi ponds and expanded capacity tractors; XLGAMES’ wild ride never ends.

Will Trion Worlds be able to prepare this additional content in time for ArcheAge’s formal launch in North America and Europe sometime this year? It’s a distant possibility and definitely something that Trion should set as a target for this year, but I doubt it’ll be ready for the official release. Will XLGAMES skip straight to version 2.0 for the next patch? If they did, would it contain the new starting areas and additional races players have been waiting years for? Post your speculation in a comment below!


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