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Guild Wars 2 puts player in an epic world where they face the trials of powerful monsters and enemies.  ArenaNet centered the story on the world breaking under the sheer power of the Dragons.  Yes, the life of an adventurer is a rough one.  As players charge through battlefields, and loot dungeons of their treasures, there just comes a time when they need to kick back and have a laugh.

While Guild Wars 2 has some really epic moments, it’s also got a lot of humor and silly fun tucked away for players to find.  One of my favorite moments while playing Guild Wars 2 happens in the land of Ascalon.  A Charr can be found near his awesome and must peculiar invention.  This farmer created a catapult, but not just any catapult. This thing fires cows!  By helping to deliver a fresh herd of ammo, players can watch in amazement as cows are fired out at great distances.  Players can even take bets as to how far they think a cow will fly.

ArenaNet is missing out on a huge opportunity. They could create a game where Charr launch cows at the Flame Legion.


While we’re in Ascalon, let’s talk about a war band of young Charr cubs who want to prove their bravery.  These cubs are too young to even hold a sword, yet here they are just wandering around in a ghost infested ruins.  Their parents are nowhere to be found.   That’s where players come in, vanquishing any and all assaulting ghosts.  But the best part is the things these cubs talk about.  One cub is trying to pick a scab in hopes that it will create an interesting looking scar.  Two of the cubs argue over moa jerky and yak butter. It really brings back memories of being a kid.

I’m more of a ninja fan myself, but this next silly moment is still funny.  Oh before I forget, spoilers!  In a possible storyline players will meet a character named Tybalt.  At some point down the road you will have to infiltrate a pirate fortress by going undercover.  It doesn’t take long before you find out you have to compete in a drinking contest. The best part is when you use the burp skill, sending out a wave of gross stench to stun your opponent.

NPCs bring life to the cities and settlements around Tyria.  Players do their best to protect them, but not just because it’s the right thing to do. The people of Tyria have some strange and hilarious conversations. Protecting them only gives players something interesting to listen to during their travels. One of my favorite conversations goes like this.

NPC1: “Do you want to play Quaggan Quaff?”

NPC2: “Not if I have to drink Quaggan ale.”

NPC1: “No we take our own ale. My cousin does this at Quaggan events all the time. You have to drink a flagon of ale every time a Quaggan says “Quaggan”

NPC2: “By the bear, that sounds like a great time!”


Costume brawls are awesome!  Players turning into creatures and dishing out a full serving of pain on each other just sounds like a silly time.  But what really takes it over the top is the cool cartoon visuals used when attacks hit.  It helps players keep in mind that even though they are fighting, it’s just for fun.  If you want to get serious, go into PvP.

In the snowy lands of the north, players can find a Norn boy who has decided that he can take on a tribe of Grawl. The kid is on to something though. Rather than taking them on in a fight of strength, he tries to outsmart them.  By bringing him piles of scrap armor, he constructs the world’s toughest looking scarecrows, hoping the Grawl will think it’s an army and leave.  While it’s a pretty silly event, the funny part is that it almost works.  The Grawl really aren’t that smart.

No matter how hard you try, you can't just walk away from him. You have to join in and dance!

The player can be a source of fun as well.  Players can get together and have massive dance parties.  No invitations required! But since the world of Tyria has no real dress code, it isn’t uncommon for you to see some strange outfits. You may also see no outfits.  Good or bad, that’s for you to decide.

Guild Wars 2 is as full of laughs as it is full of monsters for you to kill. ArenaNet sure knows how to tell a few good jokes in my experience.  It’s always nice to take a break from the normal hack and smash adventuring, and just have a good time.  You never know when you and your guild are out taking a stroll through Destiny’s Reach, and you all hear a funny remark from an NPC.

What do you think is the funniest moment in Guild Wars 2?  Share the good times in the comments below!

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