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Lion's Arch, The NEW City of Hope

David North Posted:
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Lion’s Arch has always been a favorite city among players.  Not only has it provided a convenient location for all your crafting and marketing needs, but it has always served as a beacon of hope and unity between the races of Tyria.  The patchwork city of ship parts came crashing down in a fiery blaze, as we the heroes, were unable to stop Scarlet from unleashing devastation upon our fair city. 

Some time has passed, and the dust has settled.  The fight moves to the Maguuma Jungle, far from Lion’s Arch.  As a battle with another dragon is about to begin, the people of Tyria will need someplace to gather once again. Lion’s Arch is under construction, but not to just be rebuilt, but reforged in a new image.  To act not as a symbol of the past, but as the beacon to the future.  Lion’s Arch will raise once again! 

The new look for Lion’s Arch looks complete, unlike it’s old patchwork design. 

We’ve seen Tyria change before our very eyes over the past couple of years.  We’ve reached new uncharted frontiers, and we’ve seen entire forts decimated by the entanglement of Mordremoth.  Still, nothing I think hit players as hard as losing Lion’s Arch. We all went on a blind hunt for Scarlet, not sure what she was going to next, or why.  Then she came to Lion’s Arch and we did our very best to defend it.  Still it wasn’t not enough.  Here all the heroes gathered together, united to protect the city that was suppose to symbolize this unity, and still we couldn’t stop it from falling. 

It’s been rough seeing the once great city, and it’s people in shambles.  While it still acts as a central hub for all your player needs, it’s tough to have the constant reminder of what happened.  So why rebuild?  What good does it do to cover up the mistakes of the past?  We just simply need hope. 

We’re about to venture deep into the deadly Maguuma Jungle, unaware of the threats that await us.  We can’t expect to win this battle if we still are carrying the shame of a previous loose on our shoulders.  Losing Lion’s Arch was a massive blow, but if it can be made into something bigger and better, it will show that we truly are resilient.

There’s another reason now is the perfect time to rebuild Lion’s Arch.  We need something to do till HoT!  We’re going to be waiting for some time until the expansion hits, and that time needs to be filled with something.  Summer is here, and there’s typically some sort of event or festival that occurs during this time of the year, and what better thing to celebrate than the reconstruction of Lion’s Arch!  I have a feeling that this reconstruction will be more than an updated map of the city.  I’m really hoping we get to take part in some sort of festival, perhaps another Dragon Bash.

It’s time to unite again, to protect our lands from the tyranny of another dragon. 

The Dragon Bash was a very interesting concept.  It was a way for citizens to face their fears of the dragons head on, without risk of being eaten or stomped on.  This concept sure could come in handy right before we go off and try to fight another elder dragon.  Morale needs to be high, as Mordremoth doesn’t seem like he’ll go down as easily as Zhaitan.  Still, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a festival, and it’s been even longer since we’ve had a festival that’s offered something new.  With a new layout to the city, we could see some new twists on old activities.  If we’re really lucky: ROLLERBEETLE RACING!  Just saying. 

Even if Dragon Bash, or a different festival, doesn't take place when Lion’s Arch is complete, I’m sure some of the major guilds will find a way to organize something for the community.  We’ve seen this before during actual events, and it’s pretty awesome.  The new Lion’s Arch will still be a spectacle to behold nonetheless, as we will have something else to explore, with new citizens to meet, and old ones to reconnect with. 

Are you excited for the reconstruction of Lion’s Arch?  Do you think there will be any festival linked to its completion?  Tell us what you’re expecting.  


David North