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Like a Puppet on a String: Wizard101 Brings Spooky Back

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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As soon as the calendar read October 1st, KingsIsle flipped their Halloween switch and unleashed all manner of darkness and demons back into the spiral. Talk about wasting no time! Although most of 2018's spookiness are old favorites, KingsIsle did supply some new surprises for the brave wizards of the spiral.

Elven Nightmare Pack

New to the spiral this year is the Elven Nightmare pack. Instead of going full creepy like past Halloween packs have, KingsIsle opted to take a different route with this one. The pack itself is a clash between good and evil. Each item has 2 versions - a light and a dark. For example, the Hart of Darkness and Light Hart mounts are identical minus the different coloring. There's also a Dark Scaryonette pet and a Light Merryonette pet. As someone who thinks puppets are extremely creepy, I think I'll try to stay as far away from the Dark Scaryonette as possible. Consider me spooked.

As usual with seasonal hoard packs (or any hoard packs for that matter), you only have a CHANCE at receiving these items. Please keep in mind that what you receive is completely random. If you're interested in either of the new puppet pets, you can also keep your eyes peeled on the pet mixing section on Wizard101 Central.

Don't Forget the Others

The addition of the Elven Nightmare pack brings Wizard101's Halloween hoard pack total to four. In case you're still itching to get the classics, don't worry ... you can still buy the below hoard packs from the crown shop:

  • Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack
  • Harrowing Nightmare Pack
  • Original Nightmare Pack

Halloween Quests Return

Jack Hallow and his friends are back in the spiral for some apple bobbing and ghost chasing, but my personal favorite spiral Halloween tradition is Dworgyn's quest. If you're level 13 or above, give the lonely death professor a visit in Nightside. He'll give you a quest which will have you exploring the depths of the haunted cave. You'll unfortunately run into some killer vegetables along the way, but hey, I'm sure you'll survive. Maybe.

Halloween Fish

If you enjoy fishing in Wizard101, you'll want to reel in the Halloween seasonal catches while you can. There are three Halloween fish and they can all be caught in Wizard City.

So, how are you planning to celebrate Halloween in the spiral?


Vanessa Mythdust