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Legion Stories that Hit a Dead End

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Before World of Warcraft: Legion launched, it seemed like the lore of the expansion would touch on nearly every aspect and all the major players of the game. But in the intervening months between Legion’s launch and the release of v7.2 (Tomb of Sargeras), a lot of the promising stories or “hinted-at” lore have all but disappeared.

In today’s column, we’ll take a look at a few of the missed opportunities that Legion’s writers have let hit a dead end.

Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina played a prominent role in the pre-event to Legion. It was she, after all, who created the icy bridges that Alliance players used to try to track down Tirion Fordring. She was instrumental in that fight, though her disappearance when all things went so badly not long after defeating Krosus (the big eredar wading in a pool of fel who later comes back as a boss in Nighthold) is inexplicable. Since the death of Varian Wrynn, we have only seen her one other time when she stomped out of Stormwind refusing to work with the Horde.

Developers have mentioned that Jaina’s story isn’t something germane to Legion and that her story will unfold at a later point.

Wrathion - Deathwing’s Son

During the Legion beta, Wrathion was a prominent part of the Highmountain story. However, sometime between beta testing and the release of Legion, his character was replaced with a heretofore unheard of Black dragon named Ebyssian also known as Spiritwalker Ebonhorn.

While the reason for change is sound, the lack of Wrathion’s presence is especially noticeable after his prominent role in Mists of Pandaria and cameo appearance in Admiral Taylor’s garrison in Warlords of Draenor (which happened all thanks to him, anyway).

Faction Leaders / Dragon Flights

Speaking of Highmountain, where is Baine Bloodhoof who also made an appearance there during beta? It should make sense that he would be a big part of the Highmountain Tauren storyline but...no. He is not. Why remains unknown.

As for the other faction leaders, most have been AFK since the defeat at Broken Shore with notable exceptions for Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion Stormrage and Velen. In 7.2, we also get the first indications that King Anduin Wrynn will be making his appearance soon. Genn Greymane makes a very brief appearance as well. This leaves only Gelbin Mekkatorque as the only Alliance leader who does not make at least a brief appearance at some point after Broken Shore.

As for the Horde, we have seen only Thrall and Saurfang in very, very brief appearances since Broken Shore. Sylvanas (see below) is seen quite a bit during the early stages of Legion and then disappears herself except for yelling at Hordies taking out Warden Towers in world PvP. A rather inexplicable omission for the Warchief of the entire Horde.

During Suramar campaign, the regent of the Blood Elves, Lor’themar Theron doesn’t appear there personally for the big event instead sending over Lady Liadrin and Magister Rommath. While both characters are appreciated, it is quite mind boggling as to why Lor’themar did not show personal interest in Suramar.

As for the former Dragon Aspects, Kalecgos and Ysera both make their appearances, both rather significantly, while Alexstrasza and Nozdormu are absent completely.

Sylvanas vs Genn - Horde vs Alliance… or not?

A big selling point for the Legion has been good old Red vs Blue. With Sylvanas becoming the Warchief of the Horde, and the tension between the factions at its highest after the Broken Shore, it could have led to a storyline appearing through all locations of the expansion.

Instead, the whole faction fighting is taking place in the first half of Stormheim questing and half a dozen of Warden Towers scattered around Broken Isles to never be mentioned again. As a Hordie, it was incredibly jarring to finish off Stormheim while following the Warchief and fighting the Alliance only to go to Val’sharah to be commanded around by Tyrande Whisperwind. Let alone taking out a Warden Tower to return to multi-factional Class Order Hall.

There was a possibility that Stormheim storyline would have received continuation due to Sylvanas’ deal with Helya and the lantern broken by Genn, but as Helya herself is taken out of equation in 7.1.5 raid Trial of Valor, it seems unlikely it will be followed up on.

Here’s hoping that Sylvanas at the very least will show up for Windrunner sisters reunion when Alleria and Turalyon finally show up.

Old Gods

Old Gods are not a missed opportunity, but rather very strong hint at the direction of a future expansion. There are enough nudges in the direction of N’Zoth and his brothers around the expansion. Listening to the whispers of Xal’atath for Shadow Priests, the whole of Emerald Nightmare (with the spirit of Ysera walking into a cave with ominous flower in the end) as well as presence of the Naga lead by Azshara to name a few.

Il’gynoth (in the Emerald Nightmare) offers a variety of creepy cryptic whispers that could possibly hint at the future developments of the game’s characters such as Muradin Bronzebeard and others.

So there you have it: More than a few missed opportunities or lore dead ends in Legion. Are there any that you wish had been carried out further? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!


Suzie Ford

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