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Legends of Aria Journal #2

Jordan Gerblick Posted:
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It’s been a little longer than a fortnight since I last wrote about my journey through Legends of Aria. In that time, I’ve become a competent and well-armed rogue, no longer the lame sitting duck for beasts and thieves who first ventured outside Pyros Landing. Still, adventures outside the safety of a guarded town are perilous. In fact, my awareness of the dangers and traps of Celador’s wilderness have likely spared my life more often than my proficiency in combat. I’ve begun to understand my strengths and weaknesses, and am learning better each day how to hone my skills to benefit my bank account and more importantly, to ensure my safety.

Namely, I’ve learned that to stand my ground as a bowman in a world full of mages, warriors, ghouls, trolls, and dragons, I had to abandon my ambitions in animal taming and carpentry, for at least the meantime. Better a strong, focused archer than a competent horse trainer and middling fighter. Although this world is young, it is already a place ripe with inhabitants and masters of trade, whether it be carpentry, blacksmithing, alchemy, or murder. When I made the decision to forget what little I’d learned to tame creatures, the rate at which I developed as an archer increased dramatically. Mayhaps in another life, I’d own a stable and enjoy a more peaceful, inclusive existence.

A young, relatively inexperienced bowman, I still pose no threat to the most savage beasts of Celador, and certainly am no match for any Master sorcerer or ranger. By avoiding any of these types when their persons wear the red of blood, I’ve managed to stash loot more often than lose it to the morally depraved. And yet even without the strength of expensive forged steel and mastery of skill, I’ve earned the title of Conqueror by choosing my battles carefully, maintaining distance, and drawing my wooden longbow when my victims are least aware.

In close combat, I trust the speed and accuracy of my kryss, although my vigor and stabbing skills leave a lot to be desired. To maximize the element of surprise, not to mention loot, I’ve been forced to decline offers by friendly piers to group together, instead hiding in shadows until a moment of opportunity arises. Make no mistake, I’m no criminal, but for the time I prefer the mercenary’s life, unhindered by cooperation and allegiance. Selfishness keeps my quiver full, and my belly filled.

Shortly after I’d explored the mass of land outside Pyros’ Landing, I traveled by Gateway to the lush, green fields of Eldeir Village to fill my quiver and enjoy the change of scenery. Upon arrival, I was overwhelmed by the number of merchants selling quality metal at prices suitable for a young traveler.

At this point I changed my iron kryss for a steel dagger, allowing me to inflict wounds upon enemies that would continue drawing blood while I use my bow at a safe distance, from afar. My strategy proved successful when I ventured down to Eldeir Sewers and swiftly cleared the area of Giant Bats, Lurkers, and Sewer Rats. Though, my eyes were set on a Blightwood War Bow and Obsidian Dagger from Eldeir, and I knew I could loot sewer monsters for a fortnight and still fall short to afford either one.

But where will I find the silvers to afford my weapons? The thought reminded me of the bandit I encountered outside Pyros Landing; the one who would have left me to rot for the measly 70 coppers in my coin pouch, if not for the merchant of bows and arrows who valiantly intercepted. I’d heard tell of a camp full of like-minded bandits, low-skilled with full pockets.

Surely if anyone deserves to lose their well-earned coin, it’s those who didn’t earn it in the first place. My sights set on the nearest bandit camp, I knew it would serve me well to rest well and restock arrows and bandages before taking on such a daring task. I wouldn’t see my redemption arch spoiled by a bloodless defeat by those who’d already wronged me in the past, of that I was certain.


Jordan Gerblick