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Kinda, Sorta, Maybe A Space Ninja - New World Hype!

David Holmes Posted:
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Greeting Space NinjaZ! Welcome back to MMORPG.com's bi-weekly column on Warframe. We've got some juicy information coming to you courtesy of a Digital Extremes Devstream held on February 23rd. This Devstream marked the five-year anniversary of the stream and DE decided it was time to talk about what to look forward to this year. There's quite a few big things coming Tenno, let's get down to business.

Let's start with the BIG ONE. There is a new planet coming to Warframe, but not just any new planet though. This one is an open world planet much like Plains of Eidolon on Venus. It is planned to be an even bigger landscape than PoE. 

"The Orokin were terraforming Venus to be a liveable space before they fell, and now the Corpus are trying to pick up the pieces and continue their work. The liquid in the concept art above isn’t actually water, but is coolant that was used to, well, cool the planet’s surface. The floating island is actually a glacier that has formed around a golden orb placed by the Orokin that will then crash into the landscape and shatter."

So soon we will have a new planet to adventure on. This time instead of gating based on night time like on Earth, there will be winter storms that makes areas of the map more difficult as they pass the landscape. There will be a civilization on Venus, Solaris United. They are the not-so happy-labor force of the Corpus who live below ground processing the coolant for use on the surface.

What do you say Space NinjaZ, are you already drooling at the thought of a new open world to explore!?

But wait, there's more!

  • You will soon be able to equip 2 Arcanes per Warframe
  • New video-focused tools are coming to Captura with the ability to add text anchored in the scene and adding keyframes for video recording.
  • A giant katana is coming….soon
  • TennoCon will be on July 8th in London, Ontario.
  • The team is currently evaluating the different possibilities for the Summer Prime Vault (get Ember and Loki while you can).
  • Beam weapons were looked at and some changes were made.

That's some pretty spicy things to look forward to, Tenno! I can't wait to get my hands on those new Katanas, what about you?

Until next time Space NinjaZ, this is Brandedwolf signing off.  Be safe out there.


David Holmes