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Tim Eisen Posted:
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Something is coming to Crowfall, something big! When ACE says it’s something big I tend to believe them. Why? Because to date they don’t hype lightly. When they have embraced the hype, it was for a justified announcement such as their Kickstarter launch, their partnership that will bring Crowfall to Europe and the details of the vessel system.

The buildup teasers have been art heavy so I’m already half happy. I’m a sucker for concept art. The only theme I can sleuth from the images is that the big news will possibly feature archetypes, races and the game world… Since the foundation of the game is based on archetypes, races and the game world the only thing I sleuthed is that my sleuthing skills are lacking. Or maybe not? Maybe the news won’t be any one thing but a major progress update on everything? Maybe, maybe it’s The Rock?!?! Not based on any logic but just because he’s already in everything else so why not this too. /shrug

Camelot Unchained had some big news of their own, the biggest in a while; that development is transitioning from tech to gameplay. Yes, that’s gameplay with a g. I’ve waited a long time to read that. I always knew tech would make or break Camelot Unchained because of how closely the tech and the concept behind the game were aligned. The very core of the pitch for this game was based on large battles. If they couldn’t pull them off the game would be considered a failure. Despite a few major setbacks, it looks like all the tech investment is beginning to pay off.

Also in the latest update siege weapons are being tested in the game world, the crafting process loop has been successfully tested, siege weapons will have storage capacity and at long last the Seattle office is up and running. Writer’s note, watching little things that I took for granted like a health bar go through multiple iterations as it evolves into a functional piece of art still humbles and impresses me. The volume of work that goes into a MMORPG or any game is astounding. Lastly CSE likes snow cones, does this clearly Viking preference compromise them when it comes to favoring a faction?

It’s already been one year since the Chronicles of Elyria Kickstarter! That put my jaw on the floor. Who knew time could go by so quickly as you sit huddled up to a computer desk for longer than is healthy all day every day. Its feels oddly fast and slow at the once. Like only yesterday it funded while at the same time it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for all my crowd funded MMORPG children to learn to walk. Alas here we are, another year wiser and a little bit grayer too. I’m sure I’ll get heat for this but the last Elyria news of note was charming. I’d even call it cute.

To work on the game the dev team divides themselves up into groups then approaches development tasks in terms of quests, contracts and bounties. I don’t know if other companies use similar techniques but it seems fitting for a company making a MMORPG to approach development through the lens of playing one.

Making a game is a game within itself, isn’t it? Life itself is a game, isn’t it? Games are a reflection of life, aren’t they? We all role play a bit, don’t we? I’m not the only one that imagines my car is a land speeder, am I? I’d wager at least 65% of you have pretended a flash light was a light saber at least once. Like I said I thought it was charming and I’m sure I’ll hear about that in the comments below.

If ya read, what the Tim…is writin! (ques exit music as he hops out of the e-ring and heads up the ramp)


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