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It's About That Grind

Josh Hay Posted:
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Let’s all face it, we live and die on the daily grind of MMORPGs. Whether we are grinding levels, champion points or trying to get that set complete we are living the dream of the grind. Some love it, some hate it and some of us are just in-between. In the world of Tamriel we are still slaves to the grind but it’s not all bad in the end. Let’s talk about it, shall we? Sit down and grab some popcorn.

I’ve finally completed the Summerset storyline and have pretty much 100% completed the new zone. I feel accomplished that I took the time to settle down and enjoy everything that was brought to me in the newest chapter. I’ve stated in the past how enjoyable the whole chapter was and am looking forward to the future. That being said I have to look at the present as well. I’m done with the newest content the game has to offer and now I am back to that normal grind while I wait for new content. I still have Cloudrest to master and potentially try to speedrun with the guild. I’m still faced with the same old problem though: The waiting game.

No one likes playing that game but in the pursuit of happiness, we must press on. Some people jump from game to game while waiting for new content to eventually launch but I’m not that type of person. I’m paying my monthly sub and I want to give my money’s worth, you know? I’ve learned to think outside the box and try to alleviate some of the pain of the wait. There are quite a few things in the game that I sort have ignored along the way. Trading is probably the biggest one. I’ve recently gotten into the very expensive hobby of buying every Motif in the world. The lack of an auction house even though I have defended the decision in the past, makes me trade less because I am either 1. Waiting for a player to sell me the item or 2. It’s too expensive and I can’t haggle the price down.

Becoming an expert trader is harder than I once thought, so while doing that I’m still queuing for veteran dungeons and even trying more PvP out. It has become more fun now that I am not trying to out DPS everyone, I’m just the maniac healer that can’t stop moving and refuses to die because of all the regeneration going on. I must say, I figure people find that extremely annoying to play against and somehow that makes me happy. Anyone else get that way? I know my guildie is extremely tanky and rarely dies in a 1v1 or even a 2v1 and figures that it annoys/angers people so it makes him happy. I kind of figured we aren’t only people like this, who else is with me?

Even if it’s not specific to Elder Scrolls Online, what do you all do when waiting for new content to drop? Do you jump ship for a while? Do you play on an alt? Do you master old content? There are hundreds of things to do in Elder Scrolls Online, what do you do for fun while the wait is getting real? I feel like Zenimax does a great job of hyping the next content and allowing us to see what is upcoming so we don’t get “bored” and we know content is coming sooner rather than later.

I am considering making a Vampire or Werewolf character and taking it seriously. I have a vampire character already but I sort of blew it off and it never went anywhere. If you have experience with either of those let me know and give me some tips. I know I could make my main character one of those two but I am hesitant and would probably make it on an alt. Something to do to bide my time to Wolfhunter hits.

Lastly, I am doing a giveaway! All you have to do is answer this final question: What do you do to pass the grind in Elder Scrolls Online. I will pick one winner and that winner will be gifted something from the crown store valued at 2,000 crowns! Good luck! See you next time!


Josh Hay