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It's a Completionist Thing

Josh Hay Posted:
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It’s an odd feeling really. Even in single-player games, I have never been a completionist. I have always done side quests here and there while mainly focusing on the core of the game. I complete maybe 50-70% of each zone before moving on either from boredom or due to simply wanting to complete the game or the part of the story I am on.

I’ve spoken a lot about how I want to complete everything Guild Wars 2 currently has to offer. I’m talking about hearts, locations, vistas -- whatever the zone has for me to get I have to obtain. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about this in-game and some people share my feelings where others don’t. Of course, I didn’t expect everyone to have the same resolve as I do, but I was surprised at how many people are completionists in GW2. It's kind of the ideal game for that sort of player.

Content is all about creating an adventure and Guild Wars 2 does an amazing job of giving you the adventure of a lifetime. You are in this living world (see what I did there?) where something is always going on. Boss parties are constantly being made and led, events are going on with many, many people attending. You never feel alone in this game which makes it much more enjoyable. I’ve met the most random people in the game and have ended up playing with them for hours on end, finding hidden things that I probably would have never found on my own. I haven’t felt like that since the old days of World of Warcraft.

I was done with questing for a little bit and I went into Divinity’s Reach and went to every vista, every waypoint -- anything I could get an achievement and XP for, I went for. The great thing about it was that I wasn’t bored doing it. I had a blast just roaming around a giant city looking for new things to get into. It was a terrific thing to get outside the norm of questing and simply explore. Sure, everything is laid out for you on the map but I am glad because it doesn’t lead to aimless wandering and the eventual frustration that comes along with it.

As you go around the city, you hear random conversations about why this is happening or what happened to such and such. It elevates the world to another level that not many games nowadays can touch, especially MMORPGs. I may not find the storytelling the best there is out right now but it sure isn’t something to scoff at either. Even though I am not leveling at the optimal pace or doing what I normally would in any other game, it’s worth the time to stop and “smell the roses”.

I feel like that my enjoyment has increased because of all this “extra” stuff I am doing. It feels great to break away from the normal routine. I don’t feel punished for doing it either. Maybe that is also because I feel like I am joining the Guild Wars 2 train late. I don’t feel like I am so far behind it’s pointless to continue.

I have a feeling if I was rushing through content and trying to actually play catch-up to everyone else I wouldn’t be enjoying myself as much as I am now. Taking this “casual” approach has really relieved some of that silly pressure some of us can feel. “I have to complete this zone so I can get into this zone, or I need to X so I can do Y” instead of “Hey, I wonder what is over that mountain or what’s down this hole”. You miss out on a lot of things if you focus on just one thing. I recommend to a lot of new players to try this approach to any game and see if your enjoyment level increases. If not then maybe it’s not for you or maybe it really all just depends on the type of game.

I must admit, however, that I have a deep fear that this will turn into me trying to 100% my collection of Wardrobes and outfits too! I really hope not because that could consume my wallet and therefore make me broke. I am enjoying those systems though. I really wish I had some more miniatures though, Mini Aurene is pretty adorable. How well do you think the costumes and miniatures have been received? For those of you who partake in that kind of stuff, do you think it’s been worth it or would you rather have done something different with your time and money?

For those who play Guild Wars 2, what does it “do” for you? How do you find enjoyment in the game? For those who haven’t played or stopped, why haven’t you or why did you stop?


Josh Hay