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Is It Worth Playing RuneScape and Old School RuneScape in 2023?

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RuneScape is one of the longest-surviving MMORPGs with two decades of history behind it and it continues to draw players to the game to this day. While I don’t think there are too many new players joining the game in 2023, many veterans keep coming back to experience what is possibly one of their first MMORPGs. I recently jumped back into the world of RuneScape just for a quick nostalgia trip and it did not disappoint.

You Are Never Too Far Behind

No matter how long of a break you take in RuneScape, gearing up for current content never feels like a massive chore. You may have not played the game for a decade and you will still be able to level up quickly and be ready to take on some of the most challenging bosses in the game after a week or two of playing.

One of the biggest problems with MMORPGs and even live-service looters is that your gear becomes less valuable over time if you stop playing. It is understandable why developers implement such systems as the games try to bait you into playing every single expansion to stop you from feeling that you are missing out. But it can also lead to burnout and RuneScape ensures that you do not feel left behind if you take a break.

RuneScape/OSRS is one of the exceptions in the MMORPG space that feels like it respects your time while also respecting the fact that you may not always have the time and resources to “no life” the game. Guild Wars 2 is the only other MMORPG that has made me feel this way and if you are someone with real-life commitments and are unnerved by the grind in some of the other popular MMORPGs, RuneScape/OSRS is worth a shot.

The State of RuneScape/OSRS Content in 2023

Jagex hosted its Winter Summit towards the end of last year where it unveiled its content plans for 2023. Old School RuneScape recently got its Grandmaster Quest which serves as a sequel to Desert Treasure, a quest that is almost two decades old. If you were around at the time when Desert Treasure came out, you know can imagine how excited a lot of players were when its sequel was announced. Desert Treasure II will make its way to Old School RuneScape in the Summer of 2023 and it is expected to bring new bosses and new content.

Old School RuneScape 2023 roadmap

There will be more social features that arrive at the Woodcutting activity, which has always been a fan-favorite among fans. The Secret of the North, which is a Master-level quest is also now in the game with some great solo-only boss encounters. The Bounty Hunters minigame is also making a return to the game which will excite PvP fans. And I fully expect more content to come in 2024 and beyond, so RuneScape is not going anywhere and there is still plenty of new content to experience every year.

RuneScape is Defined By Its Community

The gameplay, content, progression systems, environments, and music need no introduction. I would be lying if I said that the game isn’t showing its age. But OSRS continues to be a wonderful experience that is held up by the community and things have not changed in over two decades.

I have had plenty of bad experiences in RuneScape and have been duped even by my “friends” back in the day but we live and we learn. Despite being such an old MMORPG, the game continues to command a large audience and there are loyalists who have been playing the game their entire lives.

I was away from the game for years and yet it took minutes to find helpful players who grouped up and helped me out. RuneScape has one of the most supportive communities I have seen in all of gaming and my personal experience has been largely positive even in 2023.

We all know how a part of the community dedicates itself to skills and it looks like we haven’t seen the last of the skill system just yet. There is a brand-new skill that is yet to be revealed, and it will make its debut later this year. Even the side activities and minigames are not ignored by the developers and they keep adding more to the game.

Over two decades of content are available and at this rate, I can’t even tell how many more years the game will continue to thrive. The community plays an active role in offering feedback and requesting new features for the age-old game. In an era of next-gen video games, OSRS and RuneScape still manage to captivate countless players and we all keep coming back all the time.

Is it Worth Playing RuneScape in 2023?

I can strongly recommend RuneScape and Old School RuneScape to new players in 2023 but there is just one catch. MMORPGs have evolved heavily over the years and it can be difficult to recommend RuneScape to someone who is used to modern graphics and fancy environments that a lot of MMORPGs and live-service games offer. But if graphics are not a concern, then you should definitely give it a try and it is very much worth your time.

If you are a veteran who quit RuneScape or OSRS and is thinking about hopping back on, I can heartily recommend you experience the new content. As I mentioned earlier, RuneScape respects your time and even if it has been a decade since you last played, you will have no trouble jumping back into the game and playing it all over again. Gearing up for the new content took me around a week and I was able to experience the new Secrets of the North content even after such a long hiatus.

I have a strong love for the game because of childhood memories, so my opinion is in no way unbiased. But, millions of other players will probably agree with what I think about the state of RuneScape in 2023 so why don’t you give the game a try yourself and see how far the game has come in the past two decades?


Kanishka Thakur