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Indie MMO Spotlight: Two New Worlds And A Dual Universe

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, the news was lighter than usual. There are still several alpha and beta tests going on, and a couple of MMOs are set to release in the coming days, though. And it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure we’ll start seeing some Halloween events popping up soon. But let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Book of Travels

The dev Q&A scheduled for this week was canceled due to illness and will be rescheduled for a later date. Tech Blog 17 was still posted, though.

Dual Universe

Ask Aphelia Episode 15 was posted this week. This is the final episode before the official launch of DU and covers the 10 starting outposts in the first-time user experience. And just in case you forgot, Dual Universe is set to release on September 27th.

Fractured Online

On Thursday, Fractured Online entered Early Access on Steam. The Rise of the Guardians of Nature update also went live, giving players access to the Wildfolk race and their home planet, Arboreus. The launch has had its fair share of issues, including launcher issues, guild functions and chat not working for all players, and trouble spawning horses, to name a few. There will be a Developer AMA on September 23rd at 11am EST, so be sure to submit any questions you have about the launch on the Fractured Online Discord channel.

Gloria Victis

The new world map and graphical update are finally here! Weekly Update #333 also includes some questline updates, the new Questboards, the addition of a spawner control system, and much more.

Mad World

The first Mad World Closed Beta test (patch notes) is underway. If you applied for the test, you can check the draw results to see if you were picked to play.

Mirage Online Classic

According to an announcement on Mirage Online Classic Discord, the Kingdom of Babylon and Pit’s Challenge update was released on Tuesday.

Mist Legacy

Mist Legacy is now out of Early Access. According to the announcement post, other than a few tweaks, the low and mid-level gameplay is set, and the focus will be on continuing the main storyline and expanding the world map.

Monsters & Memories

A new blog entry, Update 24: Gearing up for Fall, was posted this week. As always, the update is full of new artwork and other design updates.


INSANE posted an update to the Profane roadmap this week.

Prosperous Universe

Development Log #352 has been posted. Along with the usual marketing stuff, Nick was gathering feedback from Steam players who quickly stopped playing, and Martin popped in to talk about his work on the AirlineSim project.


With the Closed Beta beginning on September 28th, a new trailer was released this week.

Scars of Honor

Episode 4 of the Dev Diaries video series was posted this week. In this episode, Ivan Popov shares some insight into what he does as Project manager for SoH.


In the latest Tatsu Weekly Dev Blog, some of the remote workers flew in to meet the Indonesia-based team members, the Tatsu Lounge gets some new staff members, and we get a peek at some new art design work.

The Wagadu Chronicles

All of the Alpha-2 invites were sent out this week. The test is under an NDA, but if you’re like me and didn’t get an invite, you can check out the Twin Drums Livestream from Tuesday to get a look at some Alpha-2 gameplay.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

Update 2.1.312 was released this week. The update includes a new tutorial, a small mining camp has been added in Iteria, and animal husbandry got some more improvements.

World Seed

World Seed will release on iOS and Android on Thursday, September 22nd. World Seed is cross-platform and cross-save, so your current account will work across any device.


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