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Indie MMO Spotlight: Summer Events, Beta News, And Fishing!

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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, we found several summer events, one of my most anticipated titles gets some beta news, and fishing is still the most important feature for any MMO. There’s plenty of other stuff going on as well, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.


Since learning about BitCraft, I have enjoyed all of the little videos they post on their Twitter account. This week, though, the video is something very special. I am now 100% sold on the future of this game because they showed off the most important feature of any MMO - fishing.

Broken Ranks

August is Pet Month in Broken Ranks. Each weekend, a set of zones will have increased pet experience. The zone will change each week so everyone will have a chance to join in.


Chimeraland received another beefy update this week. Along with the Medusa Portrait Dungeon, players can now acquire a Noble Dragon Horse through pet transformation and purchase the legendary attendant Pol with Moonlight Fruit earned from Odd Art Dungeons. You can find all of the changes and additions in the patch notes.

The Cycle: Frontier

It was a week of updates and hotfixes in the Fortuna III system as devs battled errors, lag, and stability issues. Due to all of the extra downtime, the devs are planning a compensation package; more details on that next week.

Dual Universe

It’s more Dual Universe Q&A in Episode 11 of the weekly Ask Aphelia video series. Update (full patch notes) also went live this week and the previously discussed schematic system is now live.

Ember Sword

I’m still finding it personally difficult to get excited about Ember Sword, but their #WIPWednesday Twitter post this week at least caught my eye. I’m always a sucker for ore nodes and gathering tools, and I’m pretty happy with the look of their concept art.

Fractured Online

Dynamight Studios had a special livestream on Friday to reveal the Wildfolk.


A new patch has once again added more land to Genfanad. This time around, the expansion is to the southwest of the starting area. The new area adds two new quests and a field boss.

Gloria Victis

We still don’t have the revamped map, but Weekly Update 327 is full of improvements and bug fixes. There are new minigames to shorten progress bars for farming and crafting, more new animations have been added, and a new Coat of Arms editor, to name just a few of the new things added this week.

Mad World

Jandisoft posted BETA1.0 Update Details to the Mad World Discord announcements channel this week. The list of improvements is pretty long and contains some pretty exciting stuff. The notes promise improved combat controls, keyboard only controls, and a ton of combat changes and new content.


The [Summer] Holiday Event is live. Lasting until September 8th, players level 25 and higher will be able to take on three Heroes, level 35, 160, and 210. You can find all the details on this forum post.


Palia’s Alpha 2 test has begun! Although invites have already gone out, you can still sign up on the official website in case they add more players.

Past Fate

Past Fate Open Alpha is coming on August 15th!


The Profane Roadmap has been updated again.

Project F4E

The next Season test for Project F4E is just around the corner. The start time has been bumped up a day to Thursday, August 11th to give players an extra day of testing and fun.

Prosperous Universe

In Development Log #345, the next PU update gets a name - Convergence (get your patch notes here).

Realm of the Mad God

Month of the Mad God starts on Monday, August 2nd.

Scars of Honor

The discussions never end on the Scars of Honor forums. This week, the main topic is Bearan Lore.


The Biggest Ship Showcase event is this weekend and ends today (Sunday, August 1st). Head to Origin Gate on the Live Server if you are interested.


In Tuesday’s entry in the weekly dev blog, we get some info on bot commands, an UI/UX design sneak peek, a quick look at the warehouse district, and more.

Villagers & Heroes

The Twilight Vale event ends on Monday, August 1st. That leaves you very little time to procure any last minute items you are trying to get.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

A major update (2.1.312) landed this week. New quests, a Villa with a wine cellar, pet improvements, and combat updates are all listed in the patch notes.


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