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Indie MMO Spotlight: Steam On!

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, Coreborn has a permanent price drop, Dreamworld Aphla 2 gets 24/7 access, and Palia is coming to Steam (image above). Plenty of other stuff is also going on, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore

Many MMOs offer a reduced price while they are in Alpha or Beta state, but Blankans announced that Coreborn would be taking a permanent price cut. You can now pick up the Steam Early Access title for just $14.99. The pessimist in me thinks this may be the beginning of the end. Hopefully, I am wrong, but history would suggest I am right.


Weekly Development Release #145 is a big milestone for Dreamworld. As of the latest patch, Dreamworld’s Alpha 2 will be live 24/7. The patch also added the Builder, Fighter and Farmer Tutorial Lines, changes to the floating island, and new locations to explore in the city. Oh, there’s also a new trailer that was published this week.

Eternal Tombs

Triune Studios announced that the Eternal Tombs Closed Beta will begin on April 2nd, 2024. You can sign up on the Eternal Tombs website. The test will be free and there won’t be an NDA.


The developers of Eterspire will begin holding monthly AMAs on the MMO’s Discord. The first AMA will be held on March 5th at 1pm EST.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore

Ethyrial had multiple patches again last week that included tons of fixes and updates. Most important was the addition of new fish from T1-T8. More fishing in any MMO will make that MMO better. It’s a fact. There’s no doubt that the team is working hard to improve the MMO. Do you think it is too little too late, or does Ethyrial have a future?


ABLE War 111 started on Saturday. Jump in and help your chosen faction win the war this time around.

Fractured Online

The third and final Endgame Changer video update was released this week. The video covers new mounts, the new ranger abilities, and fortresses. The video came in advance of the actual Endgame Changer patch, which had some technical issues that delayed the server restart.


The Genfanad team has been radio silent for a little bit, but they returned this week with another Weekly Update.

Mirage Online Classic

MOC is expected to get a new patch next week, followed by another by the end of March. Next Week’s patch includes a new dungeon, a new content type, and 3x3 Player Housing for Patroen subscribers. March’s release is expected to have up to three new dungeons, the new skill Treasurehunting, and a new Monthly Online Competition.


Nightingale's Early Access began on Tuesday. To no one’s surprise, there have been issues. With the launch in the rearview, the team has announced that an offline mode is their top priority.


Singularity 6 announced that Palia would be coming to Steam on March 25th.

Past Fate

Past Fate received update 0.4.7 this week. The patch notes were rather short, with mostly minor updates to existing content listed.

Prosperous Universe

Development Log #422 is available to read.


Patch 1.0.5 went live on Friday. Along with two new regions, players also received a free Reputation & Profession reset. And yes, there were some more buffs to fishing!

Realm of the Mad God

RotMG is celebrating Mardi Gras with an event that will run through March 5th.

A Township Tale

Update went live this week with a few QoL fixes.

Villagers & Heroes

Patch 5.20.0 went live on Monday. 

World of Titans

An announcement this week marked March 22nd as the date we would get a peek at some new gameplay.


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