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Indie MMO Spotlight: So Many Alphas And Betas

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related so you don’t have to. This week is jam-packed with Alpha and Beta test news. There are also a couple of special events going on, along with the usual roundup of patches and updates. With so much to cover, let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Adventure Land

Adventure Land is celebrating the Lunar New Year with an event. Collect Red Envelopes and exchange them from Xyn in Mainland and take on Dragold for very rare loot when it spawns every three hours. A new edition to this event is the Legendary Tiger; get a Tiger set item each time you land a hit.


Everyone always wants to know how big the world is in their favorite MMO. Along with the boring answer of 1000 km2, Proxima Beta gave a more unique visualization in a tweet this week that stated the size in instant noodle packs - 44,333 million of them to be precise. I know that isn’t really newsworthy, but I still thought it was a fun way for them to promote Chimeraland.

The Cycle: Frontier

It’s almost testing time once again. The Cycle: Frontier will be holding its next Closed Beta from March 10 through March 28. You can sign up for access on the official site or by opting-in on Steam.

Dual Universe

You screamed and they listened. Due to the community concerns around the upcoming Core Slot limitations, Novaquark posted a reply letter on the official DU forums. The post answers many of the questions posed by the community and also reminds us that DU is still in beta future tweaks and changes are part of the process.

Embers Adrift

Stormhaven Studios announced that Embers Adrift would be entering Closed Beta testing on March 1, 2022. The press release mentioned that the NDA would be dropped at the start of the beta and also detailed the Pre-Order rewards and subscription pricing after launch. While you wait for March and the beta, be sure to watch the latest episode of Around The Ember Ring to catch up on all the Embers Adrift development news.

Fractured Online

In case you forgot, the Fractured Online Alpha Weekend is upon us. The event runs through 4pm ET Monday, so you still have time to jump in and explore Syndesia.

Gloria Victis

Weekly Update 305 is live. With work underway on a couple of big improvements for next week’s patch, Update 305 is full of minor fixes.

Into The Echo

ETLOK Studios announced that the next Into the Echo pre-alpha test will run from March 5-7. This test will be larger than the first, with 1000 players being selected to participate. So keep your fingers crossed and check your email for an invitation in the coming weeks.

Monsters & Memories

Niche World Cult added a new post to their blog. Update 17 catches us up on recent development, including the team reaching a few milestones.


Patch 18.02 went live at the beginning of the week. Along with a few minor fixes, the patch addressed a desync issue that would lead to players getting stuck in combat.

Open Perpetuum Project

Need a reason to jump into Perpetuum? How about a 5X EP multiplier? The multiplier will be active until February 14.


A tweet from Profane MMORPG highlighted the progress being made on skins. The tweet shows off the Regalia of the First Men, a plate armor skin that is undergoing a rework to bring it in line with Profane’s revamped art direction.

Project Gorgon

A new update to Project Gorgon this week added mounts to the MMO. From crafting tack to using saddlebags, the patch notes cover everything horses along with all of the other improvements and fixes.

Realm of the Mad God

The RotMG website has been placed under maintenance mode (as of this writing) to investigate reports of malicious content.

Scars of Honor

Last week, Beast Burst Entertainment held a discussion about the Assassin class. This week they are exploring the Druid and are asking for your input on how to shape the best possible nature lover.

A Township Tale

ALTA Logs #2 was published this week. In the blog, Cayde mentions the recently announced funding before discussing future plans, including asking players to provide feedback through a new survey.

World Seed

World Seed has finally completed the application process for Steam. The Coming Soon page went live on Monday and the release is now set for February 15.

Wurm Online

A new patch went live this week. You can view the full patch notes for all of the fixes and updates that were implemented.

Zenith: The Last City

Last week we mentioned how Zenith is doing well on Steam, and it has caught the attention of some of our staff here at MMORPG. Joseph is having fun waving to NPCs, while Kevin graced us with part 2 of his Review In Progress.

RamenVR is already planning for the future of Zenith and have shared their roadmap for 2022. They introduced the Cyber Ninja, the next class coming to Zenith, and also plan to add player housing, additional lifeskills and crafting options, and more end game content.


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