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Indie MMO Spotlight: Smelting, Plague Island, And Toxic Communities

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Happy Halloween everyone! This week’s Spotlight isn’t as big as the last few, but it’s still quite the indie treat. Speaking of treats, it’s time to go raid my kid’s candy stash, so let’s get started with the Indie MMO Spotlight.


The Chimeraland Closed Beta 2 has been over for a couple of weeks now, and just like the first Beta, the developers have been posting fun facts about Beta 2 on Chimeraland Twitter.

City of Titans

We got a new installment in the CoT interview series this week. This time around, we get to meet Don “MrArmstrong” Armstrong, Lead 3D Artist for the project. 

The Cycle: Frontier

It was another week of server problems and bugs for The Cycle: Frontier. This is what Betas are all about, though. If you are interested in seeing what the future of The Cycle looks like, check out this interview with Dan Banefelt, Creative Director of The Cycle.

Dual Universe

The next major update to Dual Universe, Demeter, hit the test server this week. Coinciding with the deployment, Novaquark is planning a Demeter Q&A. You can submit your questions on the DU forums.

Gloria Victis

Along with a Halloween event, two new character development systems, smelting and roasting, were added to Gloria Victis this week. You can read all about the new systems in Weekly Update #293.


Every Friday, Anubis holds a GM event on Guardstone. The event starts at 5 PM ET and usually has three parts - ground war, sky arena, and mount race. 

Open Perpetuum Project

Perpetuum Online went free to play a couple of months ago. The Open Perpetuum Project was the topic of the Developer Spotlight on the r/MMORPG subreddit this week, so If you still haven’t tried it out, now is the time to jump in.


Does full loot PvP create a toxic community that scares away players that could help a game thrive? Check out what Diego “BunnyJoker” Beltran, CEO of INSANE, has to say about that in his discussion with Twitch streamer Oxfurd.

Prosperous Universe

Dev Log #308 has arrived. Unlike other dev logs that are usually focused on major updates, the weekly PU dev logs give a more intimate look at the weekly goings-on of the team. It reminds us that development is more than just coding and that it’s people, not robots, that are working to bring you a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

Soul Kingdoms

This week, we finally got a look at one of the melee classes in Soul Kingdoms. You can check out the giant ax-wielding Conqueror, as well as a high-level development roadmap, on the Soul Kingdoms website.

A Township Tale

Has you Occulus Quest or Quest 2 been sitting around collecting dust? If so, you can grab a copy of A Township Tale in the Quest store for 10% off today, October 31.

Wild Terra New Lands

Part 2 of the Plague Island update went live this week. This update brings a solo dungeon, tameable pets, and other additions to Plague Island. You can view all the changes on Steam.


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