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Indie MMO Spotlight: Rollbacks, Light Bringers, And Community Leaders

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It has been another busy week in the Indie MMO world. Several MMOs pushed out hefty updates, and others continued to hire new staff members. We even have two MMOs making their first appearance in the Indie MMO Spotlight. Oh, and it may not be indie or MMO related, but it’s Week 1 of the NFL season - GO HAWKS!


During my internet adventures this week, I stumbled across a new 2D MMORPG. Still in an early Alpha state, Archewood looks to be a retro-style romp, complete with four classic fantasy classes, a boatload of skills to master, and both PvE and PvP action. You can check it out on the Archewood site.

Ember Sword

It’s been a bit quiet on the Ember Sword front since the land sale ended, but that silence ended this week with the hiring of Senior and Junior Community Managers. Senior CM Thor Vest Ostenkaer, aka GameMaster, loves eSports, dogs, and storytelling. Hirikari is taking on the JCM role and is an aspiring artist and baker. You can learn more about GameMaster in the Meet the Team video below.


Siege Camp revealed the Entrenched Update during this week’s dev stream. Even though they weren’t able to cover all that the update entails, the stream still lasted over an hour and a half. Major talking points include finishing the full-scale world map, the addition of a multi-target tactical camera, uniforms, and much more.


The second update for Fractured’s upcoming Fall Alpha was published this week. The Spotlight video focused on character backgrounds and attribute rebalancing, an overhaul to the marketplace, and the addition of a mailbox.


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned last week that Genfanad will have an Open Alpha Test September 24-27. There is now a page up on the Genfanad website that contains more info on how to sign up for the test.

Gloria Victis

Check out the Weekly Update #287. Yes to more territories to conquer in PvP, No to introducing Metallurgy and Disassembling this week, and of course some QoL improvements.

Mystera Legacy

Mystera Legacy, a free-to-play browser MMO created by a husband and wife duo, got its 15 minutes of Reddit fame with a Developer Spotlight this week. With a single goal of creating the MMO that they always wanted to play, Mystera Legacy has zero P2W mechanics and provides a sandbox experience where most of the content is created by the players.


The INSANE team has been sharing a lot of concept art on Profane Twitter lately, and this week was no exception. Along with a couple of pieces of art, the thread also discusses NPC Factions and Dynamic Villages.

Prosperous Universe

Maintenance Release 2021.4 went live this week. Players are now able to create a larger base by expending additional base permits. On the flip side, you can also demolish a base you no longer want as long as it isn’t your HQ. Another new addition is the ability to filter local market boards for buying, selling, and shipping ads. And if you have an active PRO license, some additional functionality has been added to help you manage your production queue.

Realm of the Mad God Exalt

RotMG Update heralded the arrival of the Daeva to the Nexus. The angelic Daeva usually refrain from interfering with the other realms, but the existence of Oryx and the Forgotten King in a single realm has spurred them to action. Although their true intentions are still in question, the arrival of the Daeva has bathed the Nexus in Light, at least for the time being. The Daeva came bearing gifts, and all Heroes of the Nexus have until September 13 to claim a free pack full of goodies.

Unfortunately, the update didn’t include the new Enchantments feature. Expected to be released during the Month of the Mad God, the release was delayed because the developers felt it “is not ready or in a state we are happy with.” While we wait for a new Enchantments release date, there are several upcoming events to keep everyone busy over the next couple of weeks.

A Township Tale

Due to various issues since updating to Quest version, Alta has decided to roll back to the previous version of A Township Tale until further testing can be completed. Due to a technicality, the rolled-back version has to be named, but it is indeed a step backward, not forward.

Villagers & Heroes

The Equinox 2021 patch is now active, bringing lots of new improvements to Villagers & Heroes. Several new quests await you, including The Great Pyramid of Anuk’Amon, which allows you to enter one of the pyramids and take on seven new bosses. You’ll also have new gatherables to collect, as well as a new mount, outfits, flair, and Water Balloons to acquire. The devs are also looking for feedback on the new pyramid, so be sure to share your thoughts on the forums.


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