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Indie MMO Spotlight: Launch Troubles Abound

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore and Mad World are still struggling with launch issues, Nightingale delays Early Access again, and co-op MMOs BitCraft and Palia prepare for more testing sessions. Plenty of other stuff is also going on, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.


Finally, a busy news week for BitCraft. A new Letter From the Producer was posted on the BitCraft site with news about the upcoming Pre-Alpha 10. It appears that the first test session will be a week-long event running from May 24th through May 31st, and will focus on testing the additional tiered content and player engagement. And with the Pre-Alpha test just around the corner, a short video was posted on Twitter showing how much BitCraft has changed from its early days of development to today.

Broken Ranks

A new blog post gives a detailed update about TaernCon 2023. The post mentions a larger venue has been chosen for this year's event due to the increased size of the community. There’s also a detailed itinerary and a list of prizes for the cosplay competition. The event will be held on July 1st, and signups are open until June 15th.


Dreamworld celebrated two years of development by posting a video showing a comparison of the game in 2021 to today.

Dual Universe

Update 1.4 will bring some LUA updates to Dual Universe, and NQ-Wanderer has a post on the DU forums detailing the changes.

Embers Adrift

Embers Adrift will be holding a Free Play Weekend June 2-4. 

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore

It’s still rough going since Ethyrial’s relaunch on May 12th. A ton of bugs were fixed before the relaunch, but those have been replaced by even more serious issues, including XP and crafting exploits, PvP safe zones not being safe, characters becoming stuck, inventory/bank wipes, and many other minor bugs.  


Tracking has been completely overhauled, and Ethos has a post on Discord explaining all of the changes that were made.

Fractured Online

Fractured Online’s old website has been restored, though some functionality is still disabled. A small note on Discord also mentions account migration while suggesting you may be able to play again as soon as the end of the month!

Gloria Victis

Update 360 covers a new guild event to help you increase your Guild Technology experience. There’s also a new card to add an experience boost to crafting. The update also gives a sneak peek at features coming to Gloria Victis over the next few weeks.

Mad World

An item exploit was introduced by the weekly maintenance on May 18th, and 40 accounts were able to utilize the exploit to obtain several high-class items. Instead of taking the time to remove the items individually, Jandisoft decided to go through an emergency rollback of the servers. All players lost three hours of progress, and anyone who was in-game during that time has received compensation.


As detailed in a new Developer Update video, the Early Access launch of Nightingale has been delayed until Fall 2023 and playtests are being moved to June.


With summer almost upon us, the annual Summer Festival will be coming back to OrbusVR on May 23rd. The May 23rd update will also include the final part of the 5 year anniversary questline.


A new series of playtests has been announced for Palia. Returning testers and new invitees will still be under NDA for the upcoming tech tests, the first of which will be on May 25th.

Prosperous Universe

Development Log #386 is another Mich solo endeavor.

Scars of Honor

Beast Burst Entertainment has revealed their line of Beast Burst merchandise. Items include an SoH desk mat, mugs, hats, T-shirts, and much more.


Starbase has another 3v3 tournament coming up. The event will be held May 27-28, with signups closing on May 21st


You can find the weekly devblog here.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

Wild Terra 2 now has Steam Trading Cards


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