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Indie MMO Spotlight: Indie MMOs Rise From The Dead

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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, Legends of Aria Classic (image above) rises from the ashes, Broken Ranks finishes its gear rework, and The Quinfall sends out invites to its next Closed Beta. I even scrounged up enough news to write a full two sentences about the only indie MMO that isn’t already dead (that’s Reign of Guilds just in case you didn’t read the comments from last week’s episode). Plenty of other stuff is also going on, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Anvil Empires

Anvil Empire’s Phase 5 Major Test started on Friday and runs through Monday morning. Testers will have a chance to try out the newly added Homesteads, experience weather and seasons, and bronze weapons, which they will need to take on the new flying creatures, the dire ravens. 

Broken Ranks

The gear rework is finally finished and a new update is on the horizon. A new Devblog outlines the upcoming changes to gear, including Drifts, upgrades, durability, and crafting.


A new patch deployed this week focuses on Nanofiber changes in addition to the usual bugfixes and QoL improvements. The changes, which include more purchasable Nanofiber and increased recycling returns, should alleviate the bottleneck caused by the Nanofiber supply. 

Ember Sword

It has been a while since the Ultra Deep dungeon test, and the Ember Sword team has been busy making improvements to the game. In Part 1 of a 3-part series posted to the Ember Sword Discord, Bright Start Studios gives a snapshot of the development updates they have been working on recently.


Eterspire Build 27.0 was released this week. The new update features enhanced transmog speed and new recipes. Also on tap are balance changes, bug fixes, and new additions to the Eterspire Store.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore

Along with the typical deluge of patches, Trade Packs are being tested in-game. Players can transport Trade Packs between cities to earn Reputation, Trading Skill XP, and other trade-related currency.


The Third Foxhole Fanart Contest is still accepting entries through May 13th. The theme of the contest is Naval Action, so be sure to submit your favorite ship pic today!

Fractured Online

Contrary to recent rumors, Fractured Online is alive and well. The second major update since its Early Access launch, The Invasion, will be released on Wednesday, May 8th. Since this is merely a news roundup, instead of regurgitating all of the details, you can simply watch the video below.


Fresh off the recent Steam demo, Genfanad’s Weekly Update shows off some new card art.


The changelog for Update 0.51.8786 was posted this week. The update includes 10 new charms, upgraded mounts, and new elixirs.

Legends of Aria Classic

Do you remember Legends of Aria? After stopping production in 2021 due to financial reasons, Reaper Games stepped in and began converting the game to a blockchain-based MMO. The original version was renamed Legends of Aria Classic and was to be a blockchain-free title. LoAC was later shut down in 2022.

Well, it appears that Legends of Aria Classic is returning from the ashes as a subscription-based MMO that will be available on Steam beginning May 9th. LoAC will be based on the 2019 ruleset

Life is Feudal: MMO

After rising from the dead last year, Life is Feudal: MMO has now relaunched on Steam. A new Developer Diary has been posted to the game’s Steam page to cover all of the changes that have been made since Long Tale Games brought LiF:MMO back to life.

Mad World

Mad World will undergo a server merge on April 25th. All three regions - Asia, Europe, and NA - will have their servers integrated into a single server. 


Inflexion gave us a twofer this week. First up is a developer video outlining the changes coming in Update 0.2 next week, which you can watch below. There’s also an Inflexion Reflection blog post that further delves into the crafting update that is part of Update 0.2.


To celebrate the two-year anniversary of its first public Alpha test, Palia is offering a discounted Alpha Anniversary Celebration Bundle. The bundle, which includes the Voyager outfit, will be 50% off through May 1st. The team also posted a teaser trailer for next week’s Patch 0.179 on X.


Pixadom posted a new YouTube Short to highlight some new helmets coming to the pixel art MMO.

Prosperous Universe

Development Log #430 takes a look at the progress the team made last month.


Invitations for the upcoming Closed Beta have been sent out, with keys for the lucky participants to follow shortly. A new video also dropped this week that highlights the mounts and pets you can collect in The Quinfall.


Ravendawn has invited all of its players to contribute to the Ravendawn Wiki, which has previously been limited to a small handpicked group from the community. 

Realm of the Mad God

A new video surfaced this week to announce the Realm Rework Open Beta that is set to arrive next week.

Reign of Guilds

Two patches (Patch 4 and Patch 5) were dropped this week. A blog post was also published regarding XP abuse

Zenith: Nexus

Zenith: Nexus is now available on the PSVR2 for new players. Nexus includes Infinite Realms, the F2P game mode, as well as the VRMMO mode The Last City as a DLC pack for $29.99.


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