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Indie MMO Spotlight: Halloween Is Finally Here

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. Halloween has finally taken hold of the indie MMO universe this week, with several titles launching their spooky events. Speaking of spooky, more indie devs are jumping onto TikTok to share their game with potential players. There’s plenty of other less scary stuff going on as well, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Aether Story

If you want to enjoy the Halloween event in Aether Story, you have until November 10th to do so. Treat yourself to new quests and two new pets this year.


Last week, BitCraft Twitter gazed at the moon. This week, they get down and dirty in the mud.

Book of Travels

Might & Delight follows a recent developer trend and has taken the Braided Shore to TikTok.

Might & Delight (@mightanddelight) TikTok | Titta på Might & Delights senaste TikTok-videos


The maintenance update on Thursday added a 7-day Halloween sign-in event as well as the Aurogon’s Hoard: The Lord of True Sight Event. The update also added attendant morphing, so players can now customize their attendants as they see fit.

Dragon and Home

Update 1.0.30 went live this week, bringing Halloween to Dragon and Home

Dual Universe

It has been a month since Dual Universe's release. During that time, Novaquark has been busy addressing stability issues and squashing bugs, but a dev post on Thursday shares what players can expect to see in the 1.1 update planned for December. Players have also been busy over the last month, and NQ put together a compilation video to highlight some of the player-made content.


The v30 update is expected to go live on Monday, October 31st. T10, two new companion abilities, and the combat action rework are all included in the update.

Ember Sword

It’s Halloween time in Embers Adrift. A week-long stream event ends on the 30th, but the in-game Halloween event runs through November 3rd.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore

This week, a new devlog was posted on the Ethyrial Steam page. The post has a brief overview of the different professions players can choose from at launch, as well as a look at the Mystic vocations.


To celebrate the one-month milestone of Genfanad’s release, this week’s update included a new castle to explore - Progenitor’s Respite. 

Gloria Victis

This week’s update comes in video form and covers all the recent improvements and the new Halloween event.


Margonem’s Halloween Event kicked off this week and runs through November 16th. The event is open to players level 25 and above.


A beta test of the 2-player wave-based dungeon, The Coliseum, was added this week. The dungeon consists of 25 waves of enemies, with waves 10, 15, 20, and 25 being bosses.


The quick peek at the map and minimap UI were Profane’s Twitter topic of the week.

Project F4E

Project F4E’s next Prologue Season, Friends & Wardens, begins on November 3rd.

Prosperous Universe

Michi talks about spending Friday fixing a broken broker, and Nick covers his work on the new tutorial videos in Development Log #358

Realm of the Mad God

It’s Halloween time in RotMG. Update also added a new dungeon, The Sulfurous Wetlands.

Scars of Honor

The first episode in a new video series, Tales of Aragon, was posted this week. The series will focus on the lore behind Scars of Honor, and this episode shares the story of Nepherimas, the Undead Queen.

Star Sonata 2

The Halloween Event 2022 is live. Wormholes have opened up, and hordes of vampyres, pumpkins, undead rats, and other creatures are pouring out. It’s up to the players to send them back to their universe.


The Weekly Tatsumeeko Devblog covers the ongoing Halloween events, work being made on a new logo, and pictures of cats.

A Township Tale

A new blog post by Joel gives us another, more in-depth, look at the Climbing Tower being added to ATT in the near future.

Villagers & Heroes

The Halloween update that went live last week hasn’t been all treats. It appears that Code Goblins had a few tricks up their sleeves, and many players have been experiencing lag and zoning/logging/getting stuck issues. Multiple hotfixes have been deployed, but the issues persist. 

War of Dragnorox

The latest edition of the monthly newsletter was sent out his week. Josh Caba, Creative Director for WoD, also joined the Elitist Jerks podcast a couple of weeks ago, so be sure to check out the interview if you missed it.

Wurm Online

Five new items are up for grabs in Wurm Online’s Halloween event. There’s also a 20% bonus skill gain and affinity chance throughout the event, which ends on November 5th. 

Hero Image: Margonnem


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