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Indie MMO Spotlight: Four Days Before The Day Before

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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, boars meet their demise in an Eternal Tombs video (image above), multiple studios posted their monthly development update (presumably so they can take vacation the rest of the year), and The Day Before prepares for launch by taking over Times Square (image above). Plenty of other stuff is also going on, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Anvil Empires

Anvil Empires held its last minor test of the year this week. December 15th is still slated for a major test that focuses on building and PvP. Signups on Steam are generally open for the 48 hours preceding the test.


I can already see griefers making plans after BitCraft published their fourth design blog this week. The blog covered communal shared spaces in the world, with “trustless” mechanics incorporated to help players build communities beyond a small group of friends. I hate to be a naysayer because BitCraft looks like a promising co-op experience, but griefers always be griefing.

The Day Before

The moment of truth is almost upon us. The Day Before is still set to enter Early Access on December 7th. Unlike most games that build hype throughout their development, The Day Before has taken a different approach by consistently eroding the trust of the community. But Fntastic has outdone itself this week by advertising its latest trailer in Times Square. At first, I thought it was just a mockup, but it sort of looks legit. Who knows, maybe this was their plan all along and we will all be blown away by The Day Before later this week.

Dragon and Home

Version 2.0.0 went live this week. New content includes the Blazing Desert, a new story line, a new boat, and much more.


A new Discord post outlines the recent work being done on Elethor. The post covers ships and ship modules that will be included in the Beyond feature.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword has been nominated for two categories at the GAM3 Awards: Best RPG and Best Adventure Game. Voting runs through December 7th. 

Eternal Tombs

Eternal Tombs' monthly update was posted this week. The update comes alongside a new video showing off the starting zone experience, complete with killing boars.\


Foxhole posted its last dev blog of the year, including information on the next minor update as well as a look at future development.


What’s going on behind the scenes in Ilysia? A new Discord post and roadmap will catch you up on current and future development.


According to a recent Discord post, Loftia is hiring for multiple positions: Art Director, Senior Game Designer, and Software Engineer.

Mirage Online Classic

Need something to do in MOC? The Crags, a 127-map dungeon, returned on November 28th. In addition to The Crags, a new speedrun dungeon and rare miniboss were also added.


Everyone will finally have a chance to experience Nightingale during a server stress test planned for early 2024.


It’s November update time, and Palia has snow (and snowballs), tree decorating, and a glimpse at the Temple of the Gales.


Social pixel art MMORPG Pixadom has just introduced monster battles.

Project Gorgon

A new update was pushed out on Monday.

Prosperous Universe

Check in on Martin and Michi in Development Log #412.


Guilds have arrived in Ravendawn. It was also announced that Ravendawn will officially launch on January 16th, preceded by an Open Beta on January 14th. 

Realm of the Mad God

Oryxmas found its way onto the public test server, so we can expect the RotMG’s season of giving to find its way to the official server any time now.

Ship of Heroes

Following the update on power augments, a new blog post covers your hero’s travel powers.

Villagers & Heroes

A developer livestream will be held on December 8th. Topics for the stream include the upcoming Christmas patch, a sneak peek at content being planned for 2024, and a Q&A session.


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