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Indie MMO Spotlight: Falling Into Indie News

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, Halloween events are starting to pop up, another round of alphas and betas is right around the corner, and everyone is frantically patching their recent releases. There’s plenty of other stuff going on as well, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Aether Story

Henry’s weekly update post on Aether Story Discord was all about Alpha 7. Along with some new cosmetics, the Alpha 7 patch will bring back all of the Halloween Activities from last year. Other than the Halloween content, Alpha 7 will also add repairs, keyboard support in menus, a social friends list, and guilds. 

Book of Travels

Might and Delight held a Fireside Chat on Youtube this week. The devs have also put out a call for help from players seeing CPU and/or GPU spikes while playing BoT.

Cinderstone Online

Cinderstone Online’s Closed Beta is now live. During a live stream on Friday, the devs discussed the Founder Pack options available, followed by a look at some of the new areas and items that have been added to the game recently.

The Cycle: Frontier

In a Reddit post, Jonathan Lindsay, aka RickDekard, aka project lead for The Cycle: Frontier, shared his thoughts on the current state of the game


Multiple hotfixes have been deployed since the release of the Inferno 1.0 patch. You can follow along with all of the changes on the release notes page.

In a recent GameSpot video, Jonathan Ferguson, Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, takes a look at several Foxhole weapons and compares them to some real-world firearms.


Thursday marked the first patch update since Genfanad’s launch. Along with some minor rebalances, the patch addresses an XP bug that caused players to advance too quickly.

Gloria Victis

Weekly Update 336 is full of quality-of-life adjustments. The update also introduces “A sign from the Gods,” a new PvP event at the center of the map that will reward unique and limited resources to the victors.

Mist Legacy

The Mist Legacy team has been so busy with the game that they forgot it was their one-year anniversary of entering early access. In their One Year And One Day post, the team discusses their plans for October


Inflexion sent out a Closed Alpha survey to everyone who had signed up for their newsletter by October 6th. The first playtest will have a limited number of participants and will be under an NDA. Future tests will expand the scope of play and the number of testers.

Past Fate

It’s been a month since the Open Alpha, and the team has been working hard to address player feedback. With the release of patch 0.4.0 this week, Past Fate now has functional character saves, many areas have received a lighting passover, and additional content has been added. Messengers of All Hallows’ Eve, the first in-game event, has also been added.


Profane’s Twitter topic of the week is the Primordial Elements. The thread reviews the previous look at the Elements, followed by some new information on the five Elements. Speaking of the Elements, Profane’s next round of tests will focus on the Elemental Skills, and you can sign up here.

Prosperous Universe

In Development Log #355, Michi returns from parental leave to find a mostly empty office.


The second session of the Closed Beta is live and runs through October 18th. The Ravendawn team is also at the Brazil Game Show. If you aren’t able to attend in person, the team will be posting pics on their Discord.

Scars of Honor

Beast Burst Entertainment announced that they will have an announcement video for the community on Wednesday, October 12th. I am announcing that I will announce their announced announcement on Sunday, October 16th.

Ship of Heroes

The SoH monthly newsletter landed in my inbox this week. The team has been working on rebuilding the keybinding system, improving animations, and adding more costume pieces. If you don’t receive the newsletter already, you can sign up for it on the SoH website.


Patch 0.72 was released this week, bringing a bunch of spooky treats to Tatsumeeko. Speaking of treats, the October Supporter Rewards have also been announced, and the weekly dev blog covers everything else happening in Tatsumeeko.

Villagers & Heroes

The Equinox event is almost over and will end on Monday, October 10th. The exit of the Equinox event will make room for the Halloween event, which begins on the same day.

Hero Image: Past Fate


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