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Indie MMO Spotlight: 100 Weeks Of Indie MMO News And Counting

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Welcome to the 100th episode of the Indie MMO Spotlight. Nearly two years ago, I started this off with a handful of indie MMOs and seven newsworthy topics. Now the IMS encompasses nearly 100 games and easily has 20+ topics each week, with new projects being added regularly. I have enjoyed writing this up each week, and I hope you all still find value in stopping by for a read. Anyway, I’m about to head to the airport for a much-needed vacation, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight. Oh, and since some of you don’t like it when I forget to mention what the game in the header image is (about 97% of the time), the image this week is from Broken Ranks.

Anvil Empires

Yet another devblog has been posted on the Anvil Empires Steam page. This go around, the post covers aqueducts, canals, and power, how you’ll use them, and how to generate it.


In this week’s Twitter post, BitCraft gets a little flaky. Snowflaky that is.  The flowers we’ve seen in so many posts are gone and have been replaced with a wintery scene in which our Bitcraftian is warming themselves by a fire.

Broken Ranks

A news post on the Broken Ranks site sheds some light on another large update coming at the end of June. Players can expect some gear changes along with a new instance difficulty system. Broken Ranks will also be holding two weekend events, June 9-11 and 23-25. During the events, Andayans will be found in larger numbers than usual, and that means extra chests to loot.

Cinderstone Online

Cinderstone Online is now available on Steam Early Access. There will be a wipe at the end of Early Access, but this is still your chance to check things out and provide feedback to shape the future of the game.

Dual Universe

A special PvE episode of Ask Aphelia is out. It covers, you guessed it, PvE in DU.

Ember Sword

There’s a new Q&A video with Ember Sword’s Game Director, Maxim Zimnukhov.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore

Patch 1.9 went live on Tuesday. A new roadmap was also posted this week to show what the team will be working on over the next three months.


The Spring Update 2023 devblog was posted this week. Get ready for lots of changes.

Gloria Victis

The Weekly Update was postponed this week. Instead, we got an updated roadmap full of work-in-progress items that players can look forward to seeing in the future.

Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal: MMO is back. Released in 2016 and shut down in 2021, LiF: MMO has been acquired by Long Tale Games. Before you get too excited, there is a $20 monthly subscription to join the playtest. And there’s a  rewards system for joining the playtest but the details are a little fuzzy (aka, they will reveal the rewards at a later date). 


Approximately 10000 community members received invites to Nightingale’s playtest this week. Did you make the list? Oh, wait, the first rule of Night Club is don’t talk about Night Club.


Tech Test #2 will be held on June 8th. Check your email to see if you were invited.

Prosperous Universe

For those of you who have been following PU over the last couple of years, you’ll be sad to know that Nick is leaving the team. You can read his farewell message in Development Log #388.


Developer Update #26 was posted this week. With all of the feedback from the Open Beta, it looks like the dev team was pretty busy in the month of May.

Slay Together

Multiple patches were released this week. The patches include the introduction of the new ranking system, a comprehensive Beginner’s Guide, a daily login bonus system, and a new achievement window.

Super Spatial

Update 0.20.0 went live this week.


Get your weekly dev blog here, and then check out the June supporter rewards.

War of Dragnorox

Be sure to check out War of Dragnorox’s June Update.

Wurm Online

The latest issue of the Valrei International was posted this week.


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