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Indie MMO Spotlght: $DREAD Is #DEAD

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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, Britaria becomes the next indie MMO project to die on the vine in 2024 while Ember Sword tries to keep the crypto game concept alive. Plenty of other stuff is also going on, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.


Masonry, I choose you!


Britaria is dead. I know of at least one person on our forums who would say, “And this is why I never pay for a game before it is fully released.” I know a few more who would say, “F*** cryptocurrency, may the game burn in hell.” In any event, the team is stopping production and will have a 60-day window in which they will be taking bids for someone to take over development. From the Britaria Discord:

Broken Ranks

Daily and weekly challenges were the main focus of this week’s update. Level 20 and 30 characters will be able to track daily and weekly quests, respectively. The daily challenges will have four objectives to complete, with each objective rewarding gold along with additional gold, experience, and psychoexperience for completing all four. For weekly challenges, you will be fed challenge after challenge, earning points towards a weekly cap. 


Corepunk has announced that their next test will be held July 1-7. Although the previous test was cut short due to unexpected technical issues, the team feels the test was a success, as it did exactly what it was supposed to do - reveal bugs. And to any players who may be upset about the shortened test, that is what alpha and beta tests are for.

Ember Sword

As a followup to last week’s blog post about economics in Ember Sword, a new tweet gives a more in-depth explanation of exactly what role $EMBER will play in the game.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore

Patch 3.1.6 went live this week. The patch includes new tattoos, scars, and hairstyles to choose from during character creation. Players will also find a new pets to collect, an updated Tundrath encounter with new mechanics, and much more.

Fractured Online

While Britaria hit the end of the road, Fractured Online posted a new roadmap that outlines the path to release and beyond.


Devlog #6 was just published on the Loftia Kickstarter page. 

Mad World

Mad World posted a service termination notice this week. The servers will go offline on July 4th, barely 14 months after its release.

Once Human

Once Human’s official pre-registration event has begun for its July 9th global launch. You can add it to your Steam Wishlist or pre-register on Google Play or iOS. There is also a pre-download of the demo available on Steam, which will go live on Monday, June 10th, as part of the Steam Next Fest. The limited-time demo will be available to play through June 17th.


Pixadom posted a short video highlighting the upcoming changes in the Marigold Update.

Prosperous Universe

Development Log #437 is about a one-minute read, so check it out.

The Quinfall

A new video dropped this week. The video highlights the new building system, including farming and animal husbandry. The video ended with a quick splash screen announcing that Closed Beta will begin on June 22nd.


This week, Teaser Tuesday introduces Guild Wars.

Realm of the Mad God

Update is now live, marking the start of Season 15!

Scars of Honor

SoH posted is June Development Update this week.

Villagers & Heroes

Patch 5.25 is here, bringing with it Raids Season 8!

Zenith: Nexus

Season 3: Emerald Grove was released on Friday. New content includes three new Adventure Gate layouts, six new Pandowl Gate layouts, a new cosmetic set, and more.


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