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Imperial Companions I’d Like to See Return in KoTFE

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Not all companions will return in the story of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s upcoming expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. We’ve seen Kira Carsen so far, but everyone else is essentially in limbo right now. While I’m still churning through things on the Republic side, I’ve completed all the storylines on Empire.  I’ve been thinking a bit lately on which companions I’d like to see return from each class on the Empire side of things, so read on for my shortlist and share your own with us in the comments.  Oh, and there may be spoilers, so you’ve been warned!

Imperial Agent – Kaliyo Djannis

Alexander Freed was easily the best writer on Star Wars: The Old Republic. The quality of the Imperial Agent story is head and shoulders above anything else I’ve played in the game and the community tends to agree on this, too. What they don’t tend to agree on is the companion of Kaliyo. In fact, I’d wager she’s one of the more hated companions in the game. However, like the Agent’s story, Kaliyo is also one of the best written companions in the game. This is a complex, nuanced character with a real personality and life experience that explains, at least in part, why she is the way she is.  She’s also got a tongue sharper than a vibro blade and a quick wit to match.

What’s particularly compelling about Kaliyo and Knights of the Fallen Empire is that Kaliyo is a character with typically loose loyalties, so one would think she would be first on the chopping block. After all, it would only make sense that after five years Kaliyo would have moved on and gone through several employers by the time you come back out of carbon freeze. But what if she didn’t? What if she actually stuck around? If you follow her story to its conclusion, you learn that perhaps she’s finally found a place to settle down. Maybe. I imagine five years away would really challenge any semblance of dedication she may have built up. But if she did stick around, it would be an awesome surprise. Despite all the hate, Kaliyo was the perfect foil for my always professional agent, making them a great team. I’m hopeful I’ll get to continue my adventures with my favorite loud-mouthed Rattataki.


Bounty Hunter – Mako & Gault Rennow

The Bounty Hunter’s list of companions consists of more utility than anything else. Characters show up and join your crew due to circumstance or are useful to you on one job. It’s kind of a mess, to be honest. I wasn’t really attached to any of them.  Still, Mako and Gault stand out amongst the crowd as sharply written characters with interesting stories and I’d like to find out what’s happened to both of them in the five years that have passed. I’m a bit more apprehensive about Gault, since having him forced on you (and thus having to break your honor in The Great Hunt) was one of the biggest failures in writing in all of SWTOR. Gault not returning would be a way to sort of wipe that mistake clean. On the other hand, he is a pretty funny guy, and I feel he’d add a ton of personality to your KoTFE crew.

Sith Warrior – Jaesa Wilsam & Malavai Quinn

I actually hate Jaesa. Jaesa (Dark Side) is the worst written companion character I’ve seen in Star Wars: The Old Republic. A good-hearted Jedi becomes an insane cartoon like villain of a Sith apprentice in the span of a few minutes? What? Her dialogue is so cliché and ridiculous I can barely stand to listen to it without cringing. So, why do I want her back? Well, Knights of the Fallen Empire represents a sort of reset button for the game, and this is an opportunity to improve the character’s writing and give Sith Warriors an apprentice worthy of keeping around.

Quinn, well, he needs to come back because we all want to blow him out of an airlock and KoTFE will finally let you kill companions. This bit of unfinished business needs to be settled.

Sith Inquisitor – Khem Val & Ashara Zavros

Khem Val will always be my favorite ninja turtle. This lumbering Force devouring beast is tough, aggressive, and often unintentionally hilarious with his comments about eating people. The situation he gets himself into at the end of chapter one makes Khem one of the more interesting companions in the game. Khem is also bound to you, so what’s he been up to for five years? I’m eager to find out.

Ashara is an odd companion. Like Jaesa, this is a Jedi character you pick up for your Sith crew. However, she cannot be converted to the Dark Side. Why Jaesa and not Ashara? No idea. But whatever the reason, Ashara’s continued resistance to your Sith ways throughout the class story can make for some interesting storytelling in KoTFE. While Ashara was a light side Jedi, she exhibited Anakin levels of aggression and brashness which made her a great candidate to influence in your plans on Taris. Still, Ashara is conflicted. She wants to stick to her Jedi teachings, but she’s also violated them in the worst way possible. She can’t really go back to the Jedi and the Sith would probably destroy her if her master disappeared. I’m incredibly curious to find out what five years on her own has done for a character like Ashara, especially with both the Sith Empire and Republic crumbling around her. If written well, Ashara could end up being one of the most compelling companions in the expansion.

Which Imperial companions are on your shortlist? Tell us in the comments below!


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