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I Admire You, For the Things I Can't Do

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Although I would love to do EVERYTHING in Wizard101, I know it's not possible. We all have our little in-game hobbies that we excel at and enjoy. Mine is derby - but most of you knew that already. Today though, I'm not going to be talking about me. I'm going to be talking about all of you, the community. Doing cool things in-game that I'm either not good at or just don't have time to do. So .... here's to you.

Here's to the Hardcore Pet Collectors

I can barely keep up with my derby pets, let alone try to collect every single pet in the game! Yet, some people not only attempt such a crazy awesome task, but also excel at it! *Erin* and Cattalicious are two avid pet people that I know of in the community. In addition to constantly adding to their personal collections, they also help out the community by contributing talent info and hatching out their pets. Pet Central, Max Stat Pets, and Helpful Hatchers are also large community pet resources. They dedicate their time, gold, and pets to help other people get the companion of their dreams! And to ALL of the people who are active in the Wizard101 pet community - thank you for everything you do! There's just too many of you for me to name!

Here's to the Helpful Warlords

I tried PvP, and although I'd love to get back into it sometime, it's time consuming and challenging at times. I know the state of PvP isn't exactly what people want it to be right now, but I applaud the people and groups who still attempt to help duelists navigate the aggressive PvP waters. Duelist101 in particular is a fantastic PvP resource. They have thorough guides, thoughtful suggestions, and a really cool group of staff members. Thanks for giving PvP noobs like me a fighting chance. ;)

Here's to the Reel Fishing MVPs

I fish, but not like some people fish. Though she isn't around as much anymore, Sophia Lifecaster is/was the Wizard101 fishing queen. She helped set up the Adventures of the Spiral Fishing Database and completely DEMOLISHED the "Most Epic Fish Caught" category in the official 2015 fishing tournament. Sophia caught a total of 103 epic fish to earn 60,000 crowns. The 2nd place finisher only caught 20. That's crazy dedication!

Here's to All the House Decorators

My castles are bare, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a well decorated house when I see one. Two of the most well known decorators are Paige Moonshade and Frostcaller. In fact, Paige has an entire fansite dedicated to housing tips and tricks. However, there are TONS of wonderful decorators. Definitely check out lesser known housing enthusiasts on Wizard101 Central and Twitter as well.

There are so many amazing and talented people in the KingsIsle community. If you do something cool, I admire you. If you help people in any way, I admire you. Keep making this community an incredible place to be. 


Vanessa Mythdust