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Hunger Dome 2.0 - A Colorful and Dangerous New World

Mike Joseph Posted:
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Movement & Latency

Character responsiveness continues to be a popular topic among the Crowfall community. Players are currently controlled server-side, which means that movement isn’t as responsive as it could be. The devs do promise that before 1.1 is complete, client side controls will be in. Of course, client-side controls may cause it’s own set of bugs so it will likely take plenty of tweaking to get right. It’s important to note that before the first playtest began, this issue was explained and players should expect movement to improve. We should see that improvement hit soon.

ArtCraft has been scheduling tests in various parts of the world, including Eastern & Western US, Europe, Singapore and Australia. Latency performance will vary depending on the location of the selected server, which is normal for MMO’s. Throughout development, this has been continually improving and with a whole year of development to go, there should be plenty of time to hammer out the changes needed to achieve the best server performance possible. Of course, time will tell whether or not latency will continue to be an issue going forward.

The Champion Emerges

A new Archetype has been introduced to join the Knight, Confessor and Legionnaire: the Champion. The Champion is 2-handed weapon wielding melee fighter that excels at close combat and disrupting enemies with disarms, blinds and occasional stuns. After playing the Champion exclusively for the entire 1.1 test so far, it’s clearly become my Archetype of Choice. The Champion plays very well with the other Archetypes and is a useful member of any group. Their ability to dish out melee damage while disrupting enemies has proven extremely useful. Being lower in defense, they can often struggle to survive against focus fire, so a wise Champion will recognize and avoid these situations, often using Leap to get out of harm's way. We’ll see if any of the several future Archetypes will pull my attention away, but the Champion is my clear favorite so far.


Pre-Alpha 1.1 was opened up to backers on schedule and has shown significant progress since 1.0. ArtCraft is setting a high bar for future tests since backers are going to expect consistent progress as the game moves forward. Eclipsing $6M in funding and approaching 100K registered users, Crowfall continues to grab the attention of MMO players. The primary question will continue to be whether or not ArtCraft can deliver on that vision. So far, so good.

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