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Human Weaklings

David North Posted:
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Boy do I love video games that take part in a world where more than one race exists.  What I love even more is when a game lets you be one of those races.  When they announced Guild Wars 2 would let you play more than just a human, I was beyond relieved.  I was afraid ArenaNet would limit themselves again by keeping to just one race.  I fell in love with the Norn, and I felt bad beating up the Charr at times.  The creation of the Sylvari was amazing to watch, and I’m excited to see them running around in Tyria.  Yep, I sure am excited to play all the races Guild Wars 2 has to offer.  Well, except the humans.

While playing in the land of the Charr, you get the sense of war, and see a race torn apart by beliefs.  The Norn give off a sense of pride and valor.  You really could feel the thrill of the hunt.  So what about the humans?  Well there is a lot going on with the Humans, being torn from their home from the Charr, which they took from them in the first place.  Many have split from the norm of society and become bandits.   So if there’s depth to the Humans, why do I hate them? 

It’s their attitude.

The world is ruled by dragons.  The humans’ enemies continue to knock on the doors of their weakening fortress every day.  We see other races prepping for war, and trying to become stronger.  But what do I see when running around Divinity’s Reach?  I see a circus style festival.  The Charr are making massive war machines, and the Humans are pitching up circus tents.  Good job Humans, good job.  Even the Norn, a race that cares only to either live through an epic battle to tell the tale, or to die in an epic battle and have songs sung of them, feel more prepared for war than the Humans.

Sure I’ll help you out! The Charr don’t need my help driving back the Ghosts of Ascalon or anything.

In a way I feel the Humans in Guild Wars 2 feel very much like us in real life, as a society.  During harsh times we have a tendency to try and grab for something that will bring us some comfort.   Small comforts can pull us away from being a Negatron, and joining the forces of Optimistic Prime.  Many try to ignore the major issues, and just bury their heads and wait for things to pass over.  As far as we care, what we don’t know won’t hurt us.  It’s something we’ve done for years.  So to see this in the game, it does bring you something very familiar to relate to.

I see a reflection of real Humans in representation of the Guild Wars 2 Humans.  To me, it really adds to the game’s lore.  It makes you connect with them, and from there you decide if they deserve your pity, or if you should feel hatred towards them.  So yeah, I hate humans.  But it is more of a love to hate kind of relationship.  The humans are written so well, and the dialogue from the NPCs really gives you so much info, it brings another level detail to the world of Tyria. With the Humans doing so much for the lore, and their actions directly affecting the views of the other races, you strangely feel happy that he Humans still exist. I began to hope they would show up just to hear a Charr complain about them.

Humans are wimps. Norn children begin to practice monster slaying techniques at a young age. No sitting around and watching clowns for these deadly youngsters!

Humans are a must have in MMOs, as they are the easiest for players to connect with.  Personally, I don’t play Human unless it’s the only race they let you pick, or if the only other choice is a freaking elf.  With ArenaNet throwing more races into the land of Tyria, we gain new levels of immersion.  Guild Wars 2 is filled with the races that butt heads and form rocky alliances.  Each race is written with such depth that even if you end up disliking a race, you get pulled into their lore, and how their actions will affect other members of your chosen race.   I won’t be playing a Human character, but I will be around them all the time, just loving to hate them.


David North